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Help us mitigate the effects of Climate Change

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Hi, We are Fazeela & Brandy. We are community & wildlife volunteers. Over the past few years we noticed how climate change is affecting communities living close to wildlife habitats are being affected negatively. Such as crops of farmers (with women being the most affected) being destroyed by wildlife (elephants and buffalos in search of water) and sometimes sustaining injuries.

Our projects evolve around mitigating these effects. The funds raised will be used to:

Replenish water holes during dry seasons in areas where there are high densities of wildlife populations - this stops them from going into nearby villages, destroying crops and property.

Long-term water solutions that are sustainable such as boreholes that benefit both communities and wildlife.

Support nature regeneration activities in Mombasa's Miritini area.

Climate education and support of environmental clubs in schools in the Tsavo Conservation area.

Nature regeneration in schools by encouraging children to grow indigenous and fruit trees in schools and home compounds

Every donation goes a long way to support our cause!



  • Kao Hui
    • £250 
    • 3 mos
  • Anonima
    • £10 
    • 3 mos
  • Jennifer Ho
    • £28 
    • 3 mos
  • Kuei-Chen Fang
    • £150 
    • 3 mos
    • £200 
    • 3 mos


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