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Fighting Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS)

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As a family we overcame homelessness. We beat the odds and kept hope alive together. With in three weeks of moving into our new home we received devastating news. Kevin had a bad reaction to a boost of antibiotics to treat a sutra infection he had from a vasectomy February 1, 2019. The vasectomy he received was different from what we thought he would received and from the day we left things started to get worse. Only 12 hours after his shot and prescribed antibiotics he felt tingling in his toes, by the next morning it was both feet and finger tips, by day three he felt all the muscles in his arms and legs were losing strength. First visit to ER we were sent home and told to make appointment with our PCP. That was on a Friday and our PCP wouldn’t be in the office till Monday February 18th. Seen our PCP and was told if it gets worse to go to the ER and he wasn’t happy we were sent home. We waited one more day and I told Kevin if he couldn’t function on his own I was calling 911. The last straw was Tuesday afternoon when he fell trying to get out of bed. Immediately after he was taking by ambulance his condition got worse. He was unable to even hold himself up, fainted during his spinal tap, and blood pressure went up when trying to do an MRI. He was admitted and a second attempt fir a spinal tap confirmed he has GBS. He’s been in ICU fir a week now and we are being told it gets worse before it gets better. With everything happening once we moved into our new place we need all the help we can get. I’m driving from the hospital to two different school and picking up three kids on different schedules. If anyone knows of carpooling, kid activities, and affordable child care I’m open to anything. I’m not comfortable leaving Kevin to long while he’s in the ICU. Torn between my kids needing me and my husband needing me. I work graveyard and will be off fir a few weeks. Can’t afford to be off longer but anytime I can spend with my kids instead of cooking, or driving would be great.

Thank you for your time and prayers!

Hello friends, family, acquaintances and go fund me community. On June 4, 2017 began a string of events that put our family into a whirlwind of stress and disfunction when we were notified by our landlord that he would by placing our residence on the market for sale. We were given a 60 day window to find another location to live. In those 60 days, due to our sub par credit history, we were unable to come up with the required deposits needed for move in at any of the 4 locations we were considering in such a short notice. So my family and I decided that the best option under these circumstances was to move in with family for a minimum of one year so we could save enough money to buy our first home. On June 12, 2017 I was informed that my position at my company would come to an end. June 12, 2017 was our last day at our residence and the move to my children’s grandparents was set in motion. From June 13, 2017 to current day, we have dealt  with the most stress our family has ever been through in 19 years. 

The string of events started with the belittling of my children. The yelling, intimidation, bullying, emotional confusion, and accusations of things I couldn’t even wrap my head around. From not being allowed to use the restroom before folding sheets and cleaning their room, to being yelled at for not closing the lid of a container they had clothes in. If my kids forgot something as small as a water bottle with out their name on it, he was upset. I began to stress daily and get anxiety from checking everything my kids would do to avoid them from getting yelled at. It was never good enough. If he didn’t see me disciplining them how he saw fit, he would have side Commentary in the background of me talking to my children. He had raised his voice to me on more than one occasion and only doing it when no one was around. I fear this man. I know his past and truly feared what could happen. To avoid confrontation I kept how I was treated to a minimum. We pay utilities and more than half of the food consumption and we have come to find out even that alone is costing us close to what our rent was when we had our own home. Until a recent event I wasn’t as fearful as I am now, He raised his voice so much that I started to shake. At one point even his girlfriend stepped in. When she witnessed my fear and the way he was yelling towards me. We asked for 30 days to try and save what ever we could and have been searching day and night for places to move, even looking into shelters and rental assistance programs. But because we are employed and we aren’t living on the streets, we are low priority for assistance. Last week was the final straw for us, On Tuesday September 4, 2018 my oldest daughters counselor called me and expressed how concerned she was that she’s been depressed and getting thoughts of wanting to run away. With in three hours I went to pick up my middle child only to be called into the office for a suicidal evaluation. Words can’t express when your child tells her counselor she can never do anything right and her anxiety is so high in this house she rather end her life. That we wouldn’t have to hear her grandfather complain to us so much if she was just gone. Two days later he insults me and yells at me like I was a child. I’ve always been told it never hurts to ask for help. It’s not a weakness it’s a sign of strength. It’s ok if we can’t do it alone. I’m accepting that I can’t do it alone and we need help. I now know what it feels like to endure mental abuse and be bullied by an adult. It’s been weeks and I’m beside myself with my depression and anxiety. How women can handle this for years is beyond me. I am a mother first and will do anything in my power to keep my children safe.
Any little bit helps. We are on waiting list for any type of assistance for OC and IE offers and are also patiently waiting for any call backs. The estimate I have on here is calculating the cost of a 1-2 bedroom in Norco/Corona, or any part of Orange County. It would include cost of moving, first, last month and security deposit.  We would love to be able to move into a place before Christmas and to avoid anymore trauma on our children. 

Thank you in advance to everyone who have been able to offer any help. If you know of any programs or assistance please feel free to contact us.


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Brandiann Connie Hernandez
Tustin, CA

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