Yosef Shmuel Tikun Olam Fund

Dear Friend,

This past summer, our dear Shmuly was taken from us suddenly and without warning, while he was in yeshiva learning, with his Gemara open on the table. 

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While we are ever-grateful for having been entrusted with our dear Shmuly for fifteen years, unfortunately, like most lucky parents throughout that time, we took our nachas for granted, preoccupied with the humdrum of daily life.

Our lives as we knew it came to an abrupt halt with his passing and will never be the same. Well-wishers inundate us with condolences invariably stating “You have such a beautiful family you will see much nachas from the rest of your children.”

We graciously acknowledge the outpouring of empathy offered by these sincere supporters. However these expressions are hardly effective.

Those of us who have lost children are not comforted. Our legacy has been terminated by the void with finality. We will see no children or grandchildren from our Shmuly!

Barely fifteen, he had already left his indelible mark. Shmuly mastered that delicate balance like so few ever do. A dynamic character with magnetic appeal, yet sincere and refined. He was articulate, self-confident and fiercely independent, yet so deferential to his mentors and sensitive to each and everyone of his peers.

We were proud of his blooming growth and were anticipating walking him to the Chuppa in a few short years. We envisioned harvesting the fruits of our labor, as this extension of ourselves developed into a beautiful family perpetuating our legacy infinitely, indefinitely sanctifying Hashem’s name.  

However divine will prescribed a destiny of a different kind and we must accept it without question!  

Since Shmuly’s untimely passing, many have approached us about consecrating various items for worthy causes in his name. They are all commendable, however they are all finite.

Upon careful reflection and due consideration, we have identified an answer to the question; What can we do that will comfort us and serve to continue Shmuly’s legacy indefinitely?  

Living among us in our neighborhoods, are families that bear innocent little babies suffering hereditary diseases or they are carriers of genetic disorders. 

Children of these families, struggle with shidduchim. Even the non-affected children of marriageable age are faced with the near certainty that no boy or girl from a healthy family will marry them so as to avoid the risk of giving birth to sick children R”L.

Today with the advancement of medicine and genomic research, families that may have suffered for generations with diseases can now conquer the odds of these diseases being passed on in their bloodlines.

These breakthrough solutions will bring about a statistical promise of healthy children to every family in Klal Yisroel, free from genetic disease.  

As our Shmuly who so loved children did not merit passing on his legacy to offspring of his own, we decided to collaborate with the world-renowned organization Bonei Olam and establish a separate fund in his memory with the specific mandate, that it benefit families who heretofore could not bear healthy children without risking tremendous suffering.

The fund named the Yosef Shmuel Tikun Olam Fund, will sponsor the costs of scientific testing and analysis for all families who require such genetic screening and diagnosis and can’t afford the prohibitive costs on their own.

Generations of healthy babies will be born from genetically stricken parents. These babies will be carrying their ancestral DNA, except that their genes are now devoid of their parents proclivities to diseases, due to the testing sponsored by this fund.

We invite you to invest in our future with generous contributions to the efforts of the;

Yosef Shmuel Tikun Olam fund -Decoding the genetic secret to a healthy dynasty.

Together we can and will eradicate the misery of inherited diseases from Klal Yisroel, in everlasting tribute to the legacy of our dear son, Yosef Shmuel ben Tzvi Elimelech Z”L.

Thank You so much for considering being a donor. Please help spread the word via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
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