after a lot of thought and many prayers, I have finally decided to set up this page to help my sister hopefully gain a good quality of life in her battle with cancer.
I know life throws everyone various challenges, but I also know that my sister Yasmeen has had her fair share and then some! Yet she still manages to soldier on, (Alhamdullilah).

She escaped a 16 year abusive marriage with her 3 children, (they were aged 10 and under at the time). Shortly after the divorce had come through she had two accidents a week apart; one was a car accident and then a fire door fell on her lower back which resulted in two slipped discs and severe whiplash.  She was bedridden for a couple of months and once she was beginning to recover she was told the news no ones wishes to hear......her diagnosis of cancer.

About My Sister's Illness:

Feb 2008
*She was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer, which was stage 3.
*She went through chemotherapy, and experienced all the regular nasty side effects, plus the not as common side effects too - she had an angina attack following her 2nd chemo session.
*The tumour shrunk following the chemotherapy but some lymph nodes were still diseased.
*She took the brave step of refusing an operation or any further treatment, (much to the horror of many family members), and instead opted for an alternative treatment, The Budwig Protocol.
*She began doing a lot of research into the pro's and con's of conventional treatment, building up the immune system and fighting the cancer naturally.
*She was pressurised by her oncologist and surgeon into not doing just the alternative but for it to be alongside the orthodox treatments, she was told if she didn't heed their advice she would be dead within a year.
*After a period of time medical staff and family were baffled as the diseased lymph nodes began to and continued to shrink whilst solely on the alternative regime!

Her health stabalised over the next couple of years.

*Following some major personal stresses in her life, in early 2012 she was again diagnosed with a re occurance of the cancer, she had another tumour in her breast.
*She started taking tamoxifen; for 3 months she suffered many symptoms which made her unable to function, she was very fatigued, constantly shaky and losing a lot of blood continuously.
*Because of the persistant bleeding she had to have a biopsy which involved taking a number of samples from the womb and internal plus external scans; the results showed thickening of the lining of the womb which indicated early signs of possible endometrial cancer. 
*It was advised that she should continue on the tamoxifen but to undergo a hysterechtomy; she decided to stop taking tamoxifen, as she felt she knew her body best, and the bleeding subsided soon after.
*She agreed to have a lumpectomy to remove the tumour followed by a month of radiotherapy, but refused to have any further chemotherapy, (based on her research and knowledge and the detremental effects of the chemotherapy).

Her health settled again for a couple of years.

Mid 2014
*She started getting severe pains in her back.
*following an x-ray her GP said it was nothing to do with the cancer; it was put down to her weakened bones due to after effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, plus she was deficient in vitamin D.

She ignored the continued back pains, and just put it down to what the doctor had said.

Mid 2015
*Shortly after our biggest loss in this world, (the death of our beloved mum), my sister ended up in A&E, she was in immense pain and unable to move properly.
*After an MRI it was discovered that the cancer was in 4 vertebrae of the spine and one rib. The cancer had more or less eaten away at one of her vertebrae.  In effect, her back was collapsing.  She had stage 4, secondary breast cancer.
*She had to have emergency spinal surgery, it was an 8 hour operation, they fitted a metal plate and 8 screws in her spine to provide stability to the back, so that she would be able to stand/sit again.
*She was touch and go after the operation for 24 hours. (As you will appreciate this was such worrying time for all the family, especially as we were still freshly grieving for the loss of our beloved mum/grandmaa).

Jan 2016
*Unfortunately Yasmeen ended up in hospital again in sheer agony, despite being on very high dosage of morphine and other pain killers. 
*Following another scan it was discovered she had a further four more areas of the cancer - so it has doubled in a short space of time; there are now problems with bladder control,  which has added to her daily struggle.
*Her prognosis was 2 years and that was given to her in August 2015, (despite this she is a firm believer that her time will be up when it's up, regardless of what the doctors have said).
*She is still on high doses of pain relief, the medical team have said that she is at a point where it is just about managing the pain now.

My Sister
I know this whole process is going to sit very uncomfortably for my sister as she is a very proud, stubborn but loving individual.   She struggles to ever take help as she'd rather be aiding others!! As many of you who know her could testify, (for those of you who dont know her I would urge you to pay her blog a visit to see how even though she is suffering daily, she still has managed to start her blog in hope that it can help others through this nasty disease)

I really want to be able to gift her the ability of gaining a good quality of life......whatever the length of it.

Ever since I can remember my sister has always been into healthy eating and lifestyle. Hence her confidence to take alternate therapies which have already proved postive for her.

She is currently on a very strict organic vegan and sugar free diet, (sounds easy but I'd challenge anyone to try it for a week, sugar is everywhere in the food industry)!
She continues to follow the Budwig Protocol along with other things, she is also taking ajwa dates, sidr honey, black seed oil, aloe vera gel, bitter apricot kernals to name a few.

She has hopes to begin visiting a well being clinic in Germany in the near future; she would also like to start a treatment called oxygen therapy, among other therapies she would like to try to cure herself of the cancer. Sadly although these steps are definatley things to aid the quality of life, they come at a cost, I am pained to see that she has to weigh up which of these dietary requirement/treatments she can or cannot afford.

She currently lives a fair distance from extended family, and has finally agreed to move closer so that we can help with her daily needs. (the decision was made after her disabilty element of her Income Support benefit was cut!  Also she had carers who came in twice a day to help her with her personal needs;  bathing, dressing and cooking her breakfast etc. She has had to stop her care package because the authorities have contradicted themselves and after having been told she was entitled to the care package, they are now charging her £100 per month for the service.

The family do and will continue to support her as much as we are able, but as time doesnt wait for anybody, I took the step to reach out and ask you if you would be willing to gain some reward by helping out.  

My aim is simple....I would like to remove the obstacle of financial worry from the equation so that she is able to prioritise herself and her well being which will inturn help her to focus her remaining time on her kids, family, friends and her passions in life, (Insha Allah).

On a finishing note, I just want to tell the significance of the photo I have uploaded.

After her third diagnoses where she was told it is secondary and stage 4, she broke the news to her kids which as you can imagine was a difficult thing all round. Her youngest child, my nephew Qasim visited her everyday without fail for the six weeks she was in hospital.  A couple of days after she had broken the news to the kids she rang me and was crying her heart out.  Qasim had shown her a photo of a professional footballer Eric Abadel; he had a t-shirt on with a number 22 on it, there was a caption on the picture that said, 'The left 2 signifies the number of times I've had cancer, and the right 2 signifies the number of times I have beaten cancer'.  Qasim said he wanted to get a t-shirt with the number 33 on it, he told his mum, "....because you're gonna beat this again mum".
He didn't realise only a miracle from The Almighty is going to cure her now......
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Rubina Ahmed
Blackburn, North West England, United Kingdom

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