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UOO Conference 2016

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It is time for revolution.  

It is time for non-negotiable demands.

It is time to reclaim our public schools and demand all for all children.

We appreciate all support to allow United Opt Out National to continue to have a yearly conference and maintain our website.  Our goal this year is to be able to use additional funds to publicize our work in venues outside of social media (newspapers, magazines and so on). We would also like to fund student trips to our conference. Thank you for your continued to support. 

This year's conference is titled: Transcending Resistance, Igniting Revolution

Join us in Philly  as we dialogue with an incredible group of revolutionary leaders who will help the Opt Out movement, the people's movement, to craft a revolution that will tear down the test and punish system and help reshape our country, our communities, and our public schools so that equity and true democratic thinking becomes our reality.

Sign up for conference here at eventbrite .

Keep updated on upcoming conference details here .


Peggy Robertson
Littleton, CO

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