Moving to another state!

Hello Friends, my name is April, and I am losing the home I spent 11 years living in. The house where I am staying is being sold because the person who owns it (who is like a mom to me) is getting old and does not want to deal with having more than one house anymore. That is fair, but that means I must leave soon, with the move-out day being July 1st.
It's especially not fun, being a person with many medical issues that rely on a team of doctors. I cannot find anywhere in my state, and the waiting list for public housing is 2 years. Section 8 is completely closed...and not very many people accept it here. So...I must go to another state. At least there I will be close to my friends as I build up a new medical support team. In the end I think it'll be better for my mental health.
I am asking for help to afford the actual move, which is going to be quite expensive. I broke down the costs like this.
Uhaul truck rental with tow for my car: 922
Vet bill to get my cat updated with vaccines: 120
Cat deposit: 250
Gas, oh god. Gas: 150
House stuff (like TP, dishsoap): 100
EDIT: I FORGOT about the application and holding fee, so goal has been fixed to reflect that!
Anything extra donated or left over will go to doing things like getting essentials like a broom or pans and the like.
Hopefully, I will be able to just drive everything where it needs to go, but it's going to be a trip for sure. It's going to physically hurt a lot, but I gottah do what I gottah do. I would appreciate any and all help, even just well wishes and prayers for my spine because it does NOT like it when I drive. Thank you all so much, I love you :,3
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April Dillman 
Fayetteville, PA