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So I didn't quite reach my goal,but was touched by the help I received on Facebook. It was a humbling experience to say the least. Out of the prior experience (below) is coming something even more positive. I'm in the process of forming a non profit called "People That Help People. I find it odd that a non profit has to be pay almost 3,000$ to be formed. One form to turn into the IRS is 900$! They don't care what we are trying to do to help the world,they are just focused on money. To date I have helped about a dozen people and spent about twice what was donated. I'm happy with that because I know it made a real difference! Feel free to donate and I promise I will continue trying to make this world a more positive place every single day! Thanks for taking the time to read this and more importantly the love and support you have shown me!

I am beaten down,broken,humbled and begging you to read this. I need your help to save my Aunt and Uncle's lives. This could be a defining moment for you to change the course your life is headed in.

Do you choose to be the person that helps other good people in this world or do you walk past them and pretend like you don't see them. I understand you can't help everyone (I've tried) but I am asking you to please just get rid of all distractions and read this. What you should do will be clear to you afterwards.

I will also never ask for your help again and delete my FB account if I see it can't make a positive difference after a week of posting this and tagging all my friends. I won't be a part of a fake community that pretends to want to help people with their words but never takes any action.

Here is the situation...My Aunt has COPD,is on Oxygen 24-7,has lost all her teeth and now has a full set of dentures,the dentures no longer fit since she is drastically losing weight,she is around a 100 lbs of skin and bones,they do not have internet,they live in one of the worst neighborhoods in Las Vegas,she is too afraid of running out of oxygen to leave her home even if she could dodge the stray bullets and crackheads,her husband also has COPD and is in need of hernia surgery for the hernia he has got from carrying her frail bones,Medicare refuses to get her the in home treatment she needs despite the paramedics having to take her to the hospital twice this month,they tell her to come in person or fill out the forms online,she has no computer and no internet,she hasn't left her house in over 6 months,a few months ago she told me she is giving up and just wants to die,told her to say it to my face,showed up with my mom and fiance,told her not to give up and I will do everything I can to help...this is part of me keeping that promise.

I will hold each of you accountable for your actions and if you choose to do nothing will take it as me not meaning anything to you. So read this and keep in mind I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't believe in the amazing people I've connected with in my life. You are going to hear some anger,but it's directed at the people who choose to do nothing time after time (and to wake them up)...not at the morally good people like you. Strap in this might take 10 minutes out of your entire life...

I rarely ever ask for help for my own shit and usually when I do I'm let down and blown off as an afterthought. I can deal with that and forgive you for being selfish if you step the fuck up now. Im calling in every motherfucking favor im owed on this one. Seriously friends there are maybe 3 people out of all of you that actually see the amount of people that come to me with their hands out and how hard i work to help all that deserve it. I put my life in jeopardy all the damn time to help and usually find out how ugly and selfish those "friends" really are when I get them back on their feet...

Maybe I saved your house when you were flat broke,paid your mortgage and never asked for a cent back,maybe I put money on your books or wrote you letters in prison,maybe I gave you a place to stay when no one else would because you burned all your bridges and then you still burned me,maybe I bought you some drinks (which I often did) when we were out partying in the days before I was sober,maybe I gave you a couple bucks to feed the meter,maybe I gave you my full attention and really listened when you thought you had no one,bailed you out of jail,maybe I stopped you from taking your own life,or maybe you can just do it for it for the sake of helping someone simply because you can. Ill guilt trip the shit out of you and not feel bad if it helps her. 

Time to start doing something for others. This is just the start for me...Im going to get my Aunt and Uncle out of this terrible situation and then I'm going to help someone else that deserves it. It could be you so think real hard on if you want to burn this bridge. I help people nearly every single day in small and huge ways,but I don't snap a fucking selfie of it so the world can tell me "Great Job Scott"! I don't need your fucking words,right now I need your help. 

Get this to your boss,to your boss's boss,to a "super star" or celebrity. Use your connections to make a difference. I KNOW some of you are in high up powerful positions. You don't have to give money to help and if you can't spare it she wouldn't want it anyways! Share this and then share it again! She thinks the world doesn't care about her after 30 years of cleaning up after spoiled brats. She is the one who cleaned your cocaine residue you left on hotel mirrors. Is this how we treat our old?!! Our elders?!! Wake the fuck up America,I hate having to be the squeaky wheel but I give 0 fucks if it makes a difference. 

It's time for us to start fighting for those who can't. You have something negative to say? Keep that shit to yourself and move on with your hatred filled soul. See past your self and help me do some work...God needs all the help he can get right now with all the evil in the world.  How about this? If you give just 5$ you are welcome to come visit the land I buy and house I build for Aunt and Uncle to live out their last days...and they will be happy to have some good company. They have no outside contact right now. I can't even drive my car in her neighborhood. I would get shot or cause attention on their house that they don't need. Crack heads mumbling,yelling and causing a ruckus every 20 ft or so. Despite all of this my uncle stays optimistic with a smile on his face while he is dying...literally. He also has COPD like my Aunt who worked in smoke filled casinos for 30 years. He can't leave the house for more then 2 hours for fear she will die or need him while he is gone. If someone wants to buy her a life alert deal that would be huge. I am bringing them a computer and going to pay for a year of internet service so they aren't so cut off. Also...dont overlook the fact that he is an amazing person who always help others self lessly over the years.

This is a generation who doesn't know how to work the internet and is then told by Medicare and Medicaid to get online to fill out the necessary forms to get in home help! What the flying fuck?!!

It is so difficult to get medical care these days for the young and old. They want you to die so they don't have to deal with you. This is about you and them and making an actual difference. Don't talk about it,be about it and in the mean time I'm going to load my car back up to drive through the Colorado mountains to the slums of Vegas to get the chance to hold a starving,dying old lady's hand and make her smile again.

Also this is not a competition of who has it worse. I don't need to hear your sad story right now and if your inclined to put it here negatively you should use some of that wasted energy to fucking help those people! Be a part of the solution not the problem. Let God and the moral compass he put in you guide you. 

So if I'm let down after the 7 days are up many of you will never see/hear from me again. I'll save those moments for my family and the people who deserve them around me. 

But if you guys come through like I know you can then I promise to start to open my life up more and share atleast one beautiful picture a week because I'll know the love I'm getting. I see a lot of once in a lifetime type shit but keep my life private.

You know what would be amazing? If no one left a single comment to give me or themselves a pat on the back. I would love for people to simply write "*standing up" to let me know that you read it and are actually doing something. Donate a dollar or just your time to help, whatever you can do. 

Inbox me if you want a direction of where to put the positivity that is you to help this situation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...more importantly thank you to the people that do the right thing every time because they want to,not because they have to! You are often the ones that get stepped on the most and never get credit. God sees you and knows what you are doing. I love you and so does he :) ....also I changed the goal from 100 million to 10k,I figured if we reach that it is a great start. I plan on putting in around 40k of my own money btw

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