A New Life in Canada for Wysoka

2020  UPDATE

Richard plans to return to Canada in May 2020 with the help of donated airline miles and the generous offer of a temporary place to stay.   They have been unable to raise or save the required funds for Aneta's emigation - but Richard hopes to be able to earn it upon his return to Canada.   He believes that he will be able to do this once he can get back to Canada and get his health under control.   Richard may be returning to Canada with Wysoka so that she can begin formal school there.   The family will continue to need support to make this transition - and, certainly, gainful employment would be the most appreciated support.  Recent letters of support for this transition are attached - we will be linking the full copies.


We are a small group of individuals from around the world who, over the years, become acquainted with a Canadian living in Poland named Richard Whipple. Richard has a 4 year old daughter, Wysoka, as well as a Polish wife, Aneta.

The family has no resources and needs to move back to Canada because of Richard's failing health due to diabetes as well as to provide a better life for Wysoka, who was hospitalized a year ago for malnutrition due to the family's poor living situation. Richard has very limited extended family in Canada, and none that can provide substantial support.

The family is able to provide updates via a donated computer and internet service.  They unfortunately do not have the means/ability to provide photo updates.  The family has been desperately wanting to return to Canada for 2 years, and it can be a struggle for them to stay positive.  Let's help this family make a new beginning!

Follow Wysoka's journey on Twitter: @newlife4wysoka
Contact us at:  newlife4wysoka(at)gmail.com
Any suggested amounts are listed here primarily to call attention to the detailed budget that the family developed for this move -- but NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL.  IN-KIND SUPPORT IS ALSO MOST WELCOMED to offset the funds needed to be raised.  Please contact us with any offers of in-kind or outreach support.  A list of suggested in-kind support can be found at the end of this fundraiser.  Please also contact us for support if you are trying to spread the word about this fundraiser across your social media networks or offline.  We would be more than happy to help.   This fundraiser continues efforts over the past 2 years to aid this family on another fundraising platform; the total request has been adjusted accordingly.

About the Family

Richard moved to Poland in 2001, transferring to the Warsaw office of the public relations firm that he was working for in Canada.  That firm closed their Warsaw office shortly after his arrival, but Richard decided to stay in Poland anyway.  In 2004, Richard met Aneta, whom he married in 2015.  Together, they share a daughter, Wysokaviola - or Wysoka for short - who was born in 2014. 

What is the Emergency?

Unfortunately, over the years, Richard's many efforts to make a go of it in Poland were not as lucrative as hoped.  Living paycheck-to-paycheck and having some setbacks was not really a problem for many years.  But, unfortunately, the increasing stress of the situation began to take a toll on Richard's health.  Further adding to his stress were the deaths of both his father and mother while he has been living in Poland. 

Richard now suffers from advanced diabetes and also struggles with bouts of depression.  His conditions go largely untreated due to the family's inability to afford the needed medicines.  Richard's health situation is critical; he is unable to work 9 to 5 job until he gets his diabetes and depression under control. 

Because of his health, Richard urgently needs to return to Canada along with his family but lacks the funds to do so.  Unfortunately, there are no immediate or extended relatives that can come to this family's aid substantially.  Richard or Aneta would gladly accept any offer of gainful employment back in Canada, which would allow them to return immediately -- but Richard's 15 years as a freelancer and their location overseas as well as the health issues discourage them to even try. This family is basically trapped while a little girl and wife watch the man they love slowly die, yet they cannot afford to do anything about it.

Like any parents, too, Richard and Aneta want to provide the best chance in life for their daughter.  But, in Poland, it is a struggle to do so.  Aneta is the sole breadwinner of the family and has a thankfully stable job with a local auto dealership which provides her with a limited salary even by Polish standards.  Aneta's own attempts to increase her income prospects have so far not been successful.

With a limited salary stretched to support a family of three, the family struggles to meet the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.  This is a family living at the edge with absolutely nothing left to save at the end of the day.  Because of their living conditions, Wysoka's health also has not been good; a year ago she was hospitalized for malnutrition. 

What is the Plan?

Given Richard's health situation, the family must return to Canada together.  Richard and Aneta also believe that it will be better to raise Wysoka in Canada, especially once Richard's health improves.  Aneta will be able to obtain a special work permit in Canada allowing her to begin work immediately because of family need; she speaks English well.  Once his diabetes and depression are under control, Richard also will begin working.  Their immediate employment goals in Canada are simple - perhaps jobs in tourism during high season or jobs in retail or food service.   Richard does also have dreams to write a book, which he is currently working on, but the prospects of getting an advance publishing contract remain to be seen.

So, the current reality remains:  With the family currently having no other assets and expending nearly all of their income merely to survive, to save enough to make this journey is essentially impossible.  They seek the support of others for whom they can only offer profound thankfulness in knowing that they have given this family an opportunity for a better life and, more importantly, changed the trajectory of a little girl's life we trust for the better.  Please join us in ensuring that this little girl grows up with the love and support of her father.

The family's $28-29K estimated budget for their return/emigration to Canada is the requested sum for which we are fundraising and is as follows:

+ $14,000 For Aneta's immigration; minimum required per Canadian law to be assets in bank if spouse not returning with job.  Cannot be funds to be used for immediate needs upon return.
+$ 1000  Aneta's application for Canadian permanent residency plus work permit based on family need. 
+$ 3000  Off-peak airfare for three from Europe to major Canadian city.
+$ 1000  Upon arrival, 7 days for 3 in hotel on weekly rate, plus restaurant & public transit. 
+$ 2600  Rent modest 2-bedroom apartment in small town.  First month's rent + security deposit.  Or possibly extended stay hotel ?
+$ 1300   Second month rent payment on time.  If assume get jobs in first month, may not see paycheck until the middle of the following month. 
+$ 500  Heat/power and telephone hook up and security deposits.
 +$ 500  First month of groceries for three. 
+$ 750  Personal care items & clothes (e.g. waiter uniform,  clothes to be presentable for job search, etc.)
+$ 400   Estimated shipping possessions per cbm/ton, to door. 
+ $3000-4000:  basic furnishings and other household supplies. (e.g., two beds and mattresses, linens, kitchen table and chairs, pots and pans, dishes, utensils, cups, couch, lamps, etc.) 

In-kind support is also most welcomed as it can help to offset the above budget (and get them to Canada faster!) or at least alleviate the family's current conditions.   Suggestions include:

- Care packages - please contact us for currently needed items
- Offers of employment or housing assistance or other support upon the family's return to Canada 
- Airline tickets purchased with miles to help return the family to Canada
- Timeshare or hotel points donation and/or hotel stays purchased with points
- Donated medical services or supplies
- Donated furnishings
- Pro bono legal assistance for immigration

An old friend in Canada has already offered housing and help acquiring used furnishing.  A lawyer in Poland is ready to provide the visa paperwork for free.  We have the airline miles for 3 tickets.  Quite honestly, the written promise of a job back in Canada is just about all this family needs to get home.  But while that still eludes them, we will continue to raise funds with the assumption that the family will need to have sufficient savings for immigration to Canada.

Please contact us at [email redacted] if you feel you have in-kind support to offer.

Follow Wysoka's journey on Twitter:

Contact us at:  newlife4wysoka(at)gmail.com



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