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For years I have wanted to move. For various reasons, including failed attempts at love, trying (seemingly futily *sigh*) to save money for moving costs, and not knowing where to go, I remained in DC. Despite having gone through the idea of different cities: Nashville, Denver, Seattle, and then Phoenix, for one reason or another, none of those have seemed to pan out. And, despite not having a destination, I no longer wish to have my life on hold because 'I want to go,' and so my solution is to vagabond.

I've had a decade-plus long dream of being a vagabond, I've wanted to write a book, and for nearly four years I've wanted to move to a new place. This experience affords me all three: Starting September 1, I plan to stop working (eek!), store my belongings in a shed, and travel around the country for (at least) three months, searching for a new place to call home.

When I find a town/city that I feel I might be keen on, I'll spend a few days in the city applying for jobs and checking out more of the sites and city vibes. I will live mostly out of a tent and sometimes sleep in the trunk of my little hatchback (both pictured above) in the Wal-Mart parking lots that allow overnight parking for RVs (there's an app for that...seriously) - periodically couch surfing with family/friends when the opportunity presents. I will attempt to live as cheaply as possible, subsisting mostly eggs and noodles and the kindness of strangers, as even homelessness proves to be expensive (~$3k/mo.).

At a wedding a couple of weeks ago, a girlfriend of mine was trying to change my mind about setting up a donation page, citing, "We spend over a decade of our lives celebrating other people's life choices with weddings and babies and all those things, but how often do we celebrate a person choosing to chase their dream?"

She had a point and I am in no position to turn down help.  So here I am.

In calming my fear with excitement and the support of friends, family and strangers, I have come to realize that every bit of every kind of support helps. Words of encouragement, cheap campsites, camping tips (I haven't really camped since I was 10), sights to see, rocks to climb, cities to visit, job openings you know of, connections you have, couches to surf, frugality tips, short term health insurance info, and financial support (of ANY amount; I'm doing my best to save enough  money, but student loans and life), are all incredibily helpful as I enter my final stretch of preparation for the journey ahead. 

Of course, I will document everything along my way via the webernets. Thank you for reading. And for being part of this.

Loose itinarary is as follows: Through the midwest with a stop in Indianapolis (sister) and Minneapolis (cousin) to the Dakotas and Montana (zen). Down to Kansas (with a potential stop in Tenneesee, sister) before heading to Austin. From Austin, up through Arizona/New Mexico and Yosemite, to California and then Oregon and Washington (weather permitting). After all of that, I'll hopefully head to my new city and eventually (when I can get enough money together) get my stuff out of the shed and take it west.

Please leave any tips, advice, areas of interest in comments so I can reference them later! Thanks. :)


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