June Lynne Lacey was an amazing woman! She dedicated eighty years of her life to volunteer work and community service. I cared for my mother, June, for years, after she suffered a hemorrhage stroke during a heart procedure. Then Social Services took her prisoner and forced her to travel to a nursing home 210 miles away from her home, against her will and against her family's wishes. They drugged her, to get her to comply.  Within less than four weeks she developed pneumonia, a staph infection, septic blood, a urinary infection, bed sores, a fever of 102 and bumps and bruises. She had never had bed sores, a fever of 102, staph infection, septic blood, etc. under my care. While at the nursing home, she was not allowed to sit on a toilet or commode (the entire stay at the nursing home she was forced to only use a bed pan), not allowed to have a phone, not allowed outside and forced to eat purated leftovers from the day before. Miraculously, through prayer, June survived! She wanted to live! Her family had found a nursing home close to the hospital, where she was treated, but Social Services refused and forced her to travel back 80 miles back to the nursing home when she almost died, as they owned that nursing home. Unbelievably, Social Services then put June on hospice and forced her to take oxycodone for 2 months and 10 days!  She could not breathe, she could not swallow, she had terrible migraine headaches, extreme stomach and chest pains, intense constipation, nauseousness, seizures and an irregular heartbeat. She begged and her family repeatedly requested social services and hospice to take her off the oxycodone, but they refused. She was also denied any medical help. She begged and her family requested that she be permitted to see a doctor, but social services and hospice denied her that right. She begged and her family requested that they use a enema, as she was so constipatedfrom being on oxycodone for months! Nonetheless, hospice refused. Her own doctor would not even put her on oxycodone when she had surgery years ago. He said:"It is too hard on the elderly." She begged and her family requested to also check and see if she had a urinary infection, but hospice again refused. All her United States constitutional rights were stripped from her! She had no right to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. The pledge of allegiance ends in "Freedom and justice for all". That was not the case for June.  She had no freedom and no justice! June died. This amazing woman was forced to die, against her will and the wishes of her family. How can we continue to allow this to go on? Who will be next? Clearly, we need to act, so that no more vulnerable individuals are forced to endure this type of torture and forced to die against their will. Health Care Directives need to be upheld and the power of attorney should not be over thrown and threatened. We are trying to pass a bill entitled"The June Lynne Lacey Bill". It will guarantee that vulnerable individuals Constitutional Rights are upheld, their Health Care Directives are not compromised and their selected Power of Attorney is not pushed aside, threatened and bullied. If a vulnerable individual wants to live, they will not be forced to die. The June Lynne Lacey Foundation will provide support to caregivers, those they care for and their families. It will work to ensure that the Health Care Directive of all vulnerable individuals will not be overthrown and their United States Constitutional rights will be upheld. Thank-you for supporting this honorable cause. It is greatly appreciated and desperately needed.


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