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Since announcing our intention to sue Trump, several people have contacted us. We have delayed our filing in view of the Resistance movement, and the multiple lawsuits currently pending in courts against Donald Trump.

Donald J. Trump
FBI Director James Comey
National Republican Party
Representative Jason Chaffertz
House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy

The process of adding Plaintiffs to the case will be done through motion amendments. We will petition the court to consider allowing the filing of Jane and John Do #s for good cause, in which case those names will be sealed to the public.

Anyone who feels aggrieved in any way by the election of Donald Trump, or has been injured in any way, has suffered damages or loss of freedom, has had their civil or constitutional rights violated, or has suffered emotional distress, as a result of Donald Trump’s election or his act (s) or omission (s), can join in this action as a Plaintiff by contacting us when making a donation here. You do not need to donate in order to join as a plaintiff, just send us a message through this site and we will contact you.

We will be seeking the disqualification and removal of Donald Trump from the office of the presidency, pursuant to Hamilton’s Federalist Paper #68 — lack of qualifications and fitness for office, the Emoluments Clause: ethical conflicts, and foreign entanglements and corruption.

Plaintiffs will be seeking money damages for extreme emotional distress, health damages, and for other damages and injuries they suffered as the direct and indirect result of acts and /or omissions committed by the defendants, willfully, maliciously, and with reckless disregard for the consequences of their actions upon the [People] Plaintiffs.

Violation of election law
Willful and malicious manipulation of the American election through fraudulent means
Concerted-action / conspiracy to exert outcome-determinative to influence an election in violation of law Extreme emotional distress
Physical injury and health damages
Evidence and proof of injuries and damages will be attached to the filing
                          WHY WE NEED FUNDING     
We will take care of the filing in this case. We will attend court hearings, and file and respond to motions. However, we expect the defendants in this case to deploy a Legion of private and government lawyers to fiercely defend this lawsuit. We are retired teachers living on fixed incomes. Although our college grads are working — thanks to President Obama’s economy, life is still very expensive and young people are finding it difficult to save money. Therefore, given the nature and enormity of this case, we have set up a GoFundMe page to raise fund to meet expenses in this case over time. Planning is important. We have already spent dozens of hours in the start-up stage of this project and we are facing hundreds more hours of work, even with volunteer assistance. Nonetheless, we are firmly intent and determined to prosecute this case vigorously, and to take it to the United States Supreme Court, if necessary. As a result, we invite everyone to contribute to this case in any amount possible using our GoFundMe Page here.   
Donald Trump is not qualified to be President of The United States and the leader of the free world, and the consensus agreement among the public at large is that he is temperamentally unfit to be Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. Trump won the electoral college votes without proper vetting by intimidating and strong-arming reporters and banning media organizations that attempted to conduct reasonably adequate inquiries into his personal finances, and investigate other serious charges about his businesses, his financial entanglements with foreign entities, and disturbing allegations about his personal life. 

Donald Trump has caused enormous distress, and fear and apprehension to large swaths of the country’s population, by purposefully and repeatedly targeting and attacking various groups and individuals through the use of inflammatory, divisive, and derogatory language aimed at demeaning, demonizing, stigmatizing, and isolating millions of Americans and residents of the U.S, designed to undermine long-established and critical civic and social organizations, and also meant to obliterate traditional American norms, fundamental rules, ethical standards, and codes of conduct, which have been central to the survival of America as a civil society. Donald Trump single-handedly created an atmosphere of confusion and chaos among the electorate in order to rise and attain the office of the Presidency of The United State of America. In doing so, Trump was aided and abetted by parties external to his campaign, and those outside parties contributed actively to his brinkmanship, demagoguery, and arm-twisting to sow sufficient disruption and turmoil to cause an electoral disarray in his favor. In deploying these tactics, Donald Trump was also aided and abetted by certain rogue government officials who violated election laws, government regulations, and departmental protocols in order to achieve the goal of electing Donald Trump. Evidence has surfaced, which shows that foreign actors intervened in the American election in support of Donald Trump, namely Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and / or Russian government-sanctioned hackers working in concert with  Julian Assange of WikiLeaks to influence the outcome of our election. Evidence also exists, which points to the exercise of undue influence by other forces that also interfered with the election process on behalf of Donald Trump, in violations of election law. 

This unprecedented, well orchestrated, and coordinated attack on our system of election has left the country in a capricious and unpredictable political state, which Trump continues to aggravate and exacerbate daily during the transition period by exhibiting the same reckless behaviors and flippant actions he displayed throughout the campaign season. 

Rather than instilling confidence and providing reassurance in his up-coming administration, Trump’s picks of advisers and cabinet appointments comprise of extremists, White supremacists, inexperienced millionaires and billionaires, lobbyists, and anti-government activists for key positions, added to the country’s general and political unease, and feelings of high risk and imminent threat to our domestic economic stability, our national security, and the safety of millions around the world.  Finally,  Donald Trump’s electoral college vote number remains a cause of concern and continues to be highly debatable, due to the results of recent investigative findings and determinations released by the U.S. intelligence community into links between hostile foreign powers and Donald Trump, his campaign, and his affiliates.  


Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead was nearly 3 million more than Donald Trump, 2.1 percent, with a vote count of 65,756,948 to Donald Trump’s 62,913,088.


Unlike the 50 plus state and federal lawsuits that were filed by various individuals, organizations, and more than 20 State Attorneys General, against President  Obama between 2009 and 2012, we have standing and jurisdictional grounds in this action, as well as viable  claims against Donald Trump and his co-defendants. All of the dozens of lawsuits against President Obama were dismissed for being frivolity, or for lack of evidence, and several of them were dismissed for lack of standing or want of prosecution on the part of the Plaintiffs. One of the lawsuits against the president was dismissed on  a technicality, and another for lack of jurisdiction. Dozens of those lawsuits made their way through the Appeals Court, and at least one was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, but that appeal was not accepted for adjudication by the Justices. All of the lawsuits in question claimed one thing, and that is, President Obama was born in Kenya and was therefore ineligible to be President of the United States, and that he was thus an illegitimate president. All of the Plaintiffs sued seeking to disqualify and remove the president from office. One or more Plaintiffs claimed emotional distress caused to them by the president for having “getting elected by fraudulent means.” None of the Plaintiffs in any of those cases presented any evidence to support their claim that President Obama was unqualified and/ or unfit to be president or that he, in fact, was not born in Hawaii, as was published in the birth announcement section of the Hawaii newspaper. The lawsuits filed in 2012 all claimed that the long form birth certificate Donald Trump compelled the president to release was “doctored.”[mw1]. The day President Obama released his birth certificate was a very sad and humiliating day in this country’s civic life and in the history of our civil society. Donald Trump relentlessly, viciously, and with malice and prejudice in his heart, persecuted President Obama for 5 years. And in the past 3 years he refused to answer in the affirmative whether or not he had come to accept that the President was indeed an American citizen. Dozens of lawsuits filed by State Attorneys General sought to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and everything else the president had accomplished.

Thank you!


Marie Yolette
Burlington, MA

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