help Leah go to seminary

Hi, my name is Leah  Freedman, and I am trying to raise money so that I can go to Israel next year and study Torah in seminary. Going to Israel for the year has been my priority since my freshman year of high school. Any test I've taken or choice I've made, I have had in mind my main goal, to grow as a person and jew, as well as connect with Hashem. I believe my year in seminary will help bring me to a place of connection and faith, ultimately moving me significantly toward my goal. I will do anything and everything to go to Israel next year, but evidently, some things are out of my control. The circumstances Hashem gave my family and I make it very difficult to be able to afford a year in Israel. My mother suffers from a heart condition and cannot work. My father too suffers from physical illness however, BH he is able to work in order to provide basic necessities for his wife and 5 children. I would appreciate it so much if you would donate in order to give me a chance to reach my full potential  Thank you so much for taking your time to consider helping me. Hashem should give everyone many brachot and moshiach should come very soon!