Marisela Bautista's Story

This web page will  outline my Marisela's story. I have dedicated the last two years of my life to surrendering  to the glory of god as my partner goes through a traumatic illness to say the least. I've seen this aggressive condition take over every aspect of her life and I am the only person who has truly seen first hand everything shes endured. I have come to the conclusion that the course of treatment may never arrive in time. Irreversible damage is already started occur. No one has been able to give a proper diagnosis. 

Multiple Organizations, Agencies, Infectious disease doctors, cancer specialist, surgeons, neurosurgeons, an array of different specialties. Most of them have ruled out major ones like Cancer, or Chiari Malformation, . Marisela has always been a warrior!  A true inspiration! She has helped so many people is her life. So many! All I am asking is to contribute to a great cause help for her to achieve the right treatment for her condition and find more answers. She has received 3 referrals to Mayo clinic, 2 from her Neurologists and 1 from her PCP. however her insurance does not cover the costs.  We also had plans to head to Mexico and Chicago.  We are not sure where to start to begin to get her the right quickest help. She has alot of trouble traveling due to pain and its quickly getting worse. She has also unfortunately received a misdiagnosis therefore making us hesitant to go anywhere. We would love advice and information on where is the best place. She was able to find out she tested positive for something autoimmune and connective tissue related however there are no in network doctors that take her state insurance. She has confirmed 4 herniated cervical discs, cervical scoliosis and reverse lordosis which doctors did not  surgery for. They did find a free fluid abnormality in her para cervical left side of her spine in Oct 2017 in which months later the fluid was no longer there however her pain became worse. she did months of PT and injections, has tried acupuncture, steroids, Nerve room block, medication and test and tests show nothing. When we go see a doctor it is quite overwhelming to show how much shes been through with how many tests, procedures, doctor and on top of her symptoms, Shes been told "there is nothing we can do for you" on the first visit. Marisela needs help so if there is a doctor out there who knows what this is or has an open mind to anything we haven't tried please reach out to us. 

Help her get a diagnosis, help to push her in the right direction, for too long it has been a miscarriage of justice the way she is struggling through her journey to survive and find more answers. I made this page to help bring people together to follow a tremendous story. This life is worth living. and I need help. I am not afraid to ask God and everyone who has a heart and is having a good season and just knows how blessed they are to be having a good season and that knows this life is about helping one another. For those who know how its is to wake up and have no pain no stress or worries. I urge everyone to help me heal this woman who is an angel to me. She means the world to me. 

Marisela is 31 years old . She always worked so hard, had 2 jobs to strive for success and any way to do good. Whether it be volunteering to feed the homeless or just making a thank you basket for everyone who touched her heart. She was an amazing dancer and now is unable to lift her left arm up without pain. She lives in 8-10 pain a day. throughout the day, she will be in and out of a 7 if shes lucky. Shes unable to go outside without covering herself and bringing her mask, earplugs and sunglasses. She receives at home nurse care so she tries not to go outside due to her condition. She is not able to shower herself nor cook for herself. She has not driven in more than 1 year and has stopped working for almost  9 months.  Her biggest passion was dancing and animals. she preformed in a talent show and would rescue stray animals and find them homes. Many of her passions have been taken away by this unknown illness but she is still fighting to survive and that is what her smile gives me, hope! Hope that we will find an answer soon. 

Here is a list of symptoms she is current has as of 9/7/18
A.(Unable to stay still due to pain)
B.(Cracking of the spine)
C.(Neck Spasms)
D.(Spontaneous loss of mobility)
E.(Pain in right leg and hip and foot)
F. (Chronic headaches)
G.(Chronic fatigue and weakness)
H.(Pain in scapula and near spine)
I.(Pain in rotator cuff and shoulder)
K.(unable to absorb nutrients)
L. (Loss of appetite)
M.(Sharp pain on empty stomach and upon eating)
N.(Consistent abdominal pain)
O.(Pain in the upper right quadrant; liver, gallbladder region)
P. (Spontaneous bruising)
Q.(Nerve pain)
S. (Blood in stool)
T. (Migraine headaches)
U. (Arm numbness)
V. (Allergic to gluten)
W. (Disorientation when waking up)
X. (Constant nightmares)
Y. (Sensitivity to light and sound)
Z. (Sensitivity to chemicals)
AA.(Difficulty sleeping)
BB. (Difficulty remembering things)
CC. (Noticeable bones and loss of body mass)
DD. (Joint pain)

I will keep updating this page.  At least once a day to keep you guys update on her. 

Thank you for you contributions.
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Marisela Bautista 
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