Wuhan Corona Virus Evacuation

I received a call from the hospital a couple hours ago telling me that the medical bills sent to me were sent in a computer error.  As such, I will be using the additional money to help pay for medical insurance for myself and my daughter.  Thanks to everyone who donated!


Update: I had originally stopped accepting donations a while ago, once reaching my goal.  However, some things have changed.  Although I assumed all medical bills from our time in quarantine would be paid by the government, it turns out that I am financially responsible for the six days Annabel and I spent in isolation at the hospital.  Secondly, since I do not know how long we will be in the United States, I am looking into getting health insurance for the two of us, since my insurance in China does not cover American doctors.  While it looks like my daughter might be eligible for free healthcare, I am not.  A look through the available plans shows that I can expect to pay 500 dollars a month, which is a problem since I do not have access to my bank account in China.  As some may know, banks in China only issue one bank card, which I left with my wife.  Since she is in quarantine, neither of us has access to the account, although she can use electronic payment methods.  Unfortunately, because my father in law was not admitted to the hospital until the last few days of his life, his insurance will not pay for the medication he was on the week before he was admitted, which cost several hundred dollars a day.  Aside from all this, we have only the few days of clothes we had packed.  We were originally in Wuhan only for a short vacation, so didn't pack a lot of winter clothes.  Again, anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated. 


Hello, my name is Frank Wucinski. My daughter, Annabel, and I were evacuated from Wuhan on the 4th of February by the US embassy. My wife was not able to leave on the evac flight, because she is a Chinese citizen who only has a tourist visa and not a green card.  In addition, her father is infected with the corona virus and she wanted to stay to take care of him. Since we arrived in the US, his condition have seriously declined.  His oxygen level plummeted to 70, from 99 just two days before.   We are waiting for CT scans, but we were told he is dying.  The hospitals won't admit him to the intensive care unit because there are no beds available.  

Three months ago, we lost her mother to a massive stroke.  This is just too much for us, especially my wife and daughter, who constantly asks where "Nai Nai" is (grandma). If the worst happens, my wife would not be able to hold a traditional funeral, as bodies are immediately sequestered and cremated, without the family being around.  

We hope that with this money, we can help pay our bills in America for Annabel and I.  The quarantine is free, but flights out of California to family in the East coast is very expensive, as was the 2,200 dollar trip from China.  We also hope to be able to get my wife here with us.  I can't imagine her going through another funeral, all alone this time. We hope to use the funds to pay for our expenses here in American, but also to send much needed supplies to my wife in China.  Roads and public transport in the city are closed and medication is extremely hard to get a hold of.  Even face masks are being sold one per person. Now that my baby is safe, my concern is making things easier for my wife, as much as possible.  We miss her dearly and I know what she is going through with her father, without her family to support her, is destroying here.  I don’t know what to do, but I want to try anything I can. With your donations, I hope to be able to pay for these unexpected expenses. These include repaying the US government 2,200 dollars for the flight to California, additional flights to my families home in Pennsylvania, clothing for my three year old (we were told to pack light and the weather where we live is much warmer than in Pennsylvania). In addition, since Chinese banks only issue one bank card per account, we decided my wife should keep it so she can pay for medical bills there, but food, pay rent, etc. As such, paying for necessities here in America will be a challenge. Also, in the unfortunate occurrence that my daughter and I need medical care (I take prescription medicine) my insurance is not valid in the United States. Finally, we hope to be able to fly my wife to America, to reunite our family Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for any donation you may give.



Kind Regards,


The Wucinskis


Frank Wucinski
New Cumberland, PA

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