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Writing Retreat Scholarship

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Support an author, give them the space to write and access to editors and potential mentors. Every little bit helps!

When Raw Dog Screaming Press put together the Bourbon Ridge Writing Retreat we had several goals but the main one was to inspire authors in their writing. We were thrilled to have many experienced writers sign up!

However, we have heard from several authors that they would love to participate but can't afford the weekend. We believe that diversity in literature begins with experiences like this and we want to provide the chance to someone who can't afford it to attend.

Writers need to be nurtured, good writing takes time and effort and a kind word here or a good experience there can make all the difference!

About the Retreat
The Bourbon Ridge Writers retreat takes place during the weekend of December 5 in Hocking Hills, OH. Writers will share a secluded lodge surrounded by beautiful state park land. The focus will be on writing but authors will have a chance to make connections during meals and can sign up for an hour consultation with one of our editors.

What your Donations Pays For
These donations will allow us to host up to two writers (if they share a room) at the retreat for Friday & Saturday nights and will cover all meals during the weekend.

Who We Are
Raw Dog Screaming Press is an independent publishing company in its eleventh year of business. We have worked with both established and new authors, including 15 debut books. Our focus is bringing into print the passion projects and labors of love that other publishers shy away from.


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