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Story has been updated for the new semester needs at the bottom. Please help if you can. 

My name is Stephanie, I live in Garland, Tx and I and my children, Ella (10) and Oj (8) are attempting to raise funds through my new company, for the economically impacted students in the Garland Tx area during this hard, back to school season. There are over 56,573 students in Garland ISD alone. Many of these families were victims of some form of economic hardship over this past year through out the COVID-19 Pandemic. Whether it was an illness, a job loss, a loss of home, we were all affected financially.

My family was one of these families. I am a parent of 2 elementary aged children in Garland ISD. During the previous school year, I was lucky enough to have an at home job, to be with my children while they virtually schooled. Unfortunately by April of 2021 my remote position ended and I was unable to return to work while they were still in school. On June 26th 2020, Texas opted out of the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment and many found themselves with no pay again while attempting to search for work and take care of their families. Luckily I found work but many are still looking for work or just now getting hired.

In Garland ISD, since the pandemic began we have adopted year round school. This means our summer break ends and we return to school on August 2nd 2021. Many of these families who are just now gaining employment will not have a paycheck in most cases by the beginning of school.

Normally in Garland and the Greater Dallas area, we have many school supply drives and school uniform drives before the beginning of school.

Today (7/14) I went to the only one I could find in the area and was so relieved and grateful for it because I too will not be able to get my 2 children anything new before school starts for the year.

I mentioned to the woman hosting the event how blessed I was to find the info and how grateful I was and mentioned how all of the other coming up drives seem to be after our school year begins. I was informed that due to the change in the school year there was a delay with normal vendors efforts.


My children are smart and sweet and asked me how theses school supply events happen. I told them they have sponsors or donors and that some are big and some are small and it all depends on the types of INVESTMENTS the event host can get to help bring it to light!

My kids said, "Well, can't WE ask people to donate and try to see how many people we can help!!!!" I told them it's hard work trying to put an event like this together, especially for your 1st time but that it never hurts to try!!! My kids are go getters and like to work for a good cause. My daughter is a Junior Girl Scout and both my son and daughter are Junior National Park Rangers. They said "We can try!"

So here we are.....


I have added an area to my website on a Relief Efforts page to gain attention, and my children and I are calling residents and businesses in the Garland area phone book to ask for any physical item donations of school supplies or gently used school uniforms. We will even come pick up the items from you!! We are directing donors to my website at for info (specific requested items can be found on the Relief page) and also directing to this gofundme page for monetary donations.


My kids are sweet and wish to be able to help every student in Garland ISD because they know how hard the year has been. What ever amount of donations received will be given in school supplies and school uniforms of different sizes for all in Garland Pre K - 12 grades.


Our goal is to provide supplies and uniforms for as many students as possible before the beginning or during the beginning of the 1st week of school in Garland ISD.

We will announce further details before the pickup time frame on where to pick up items.


Again school starts August 2nd and not many free supply venues are available until after this date.


We have set a goal of 2500 students!!! There are over 56,573 in Garland ISD!

The supply package pictured above is a stock image found on and listed for the amount of $37.99 per package.


For the purpose of finding a total estimate to accommodate: school supplies for 2500 students * $40.00 = $100,000.00.

Just 100 students = $4000.

Our goal is to AT LEAST reach 2500 students in the Garland area. Any donation helps. If you would like to donate physical supplies or uniforms please visit the website and click on the Relief tab.


Thank you from me and my two great kids!

Stephanie, Ella and Oj

Trying to make the world a better place!


We are proud to say that at the beginning of the school year we provided over 40 students with over $2500 worth of school supplies and 
school uniforms. Some students even had special needs to accommodate like tennis shoes that we were able to provide. 

With the New Year coming comes a new Semester and teachers are already reaching out in need of more school supplies for the class. 
Please donate if you can, we are looking for school supplies for all grades, as well as school uniforms. Whatever you can donate, actual 
items or monetary donations are much needed and will be given to schools and students in need at Garland ISD. 

We thank you for your support as we try to support Garland ISD, our Teachers and our Students this year.  


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Stephanie Tassakis 
Garland, TX