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The Corona Virus has affected us all, maybe the hardest, my industry.......

I have been floored by the amount of people who have reached out to me, during the last week, all offering condolences, and offering 'anything I can do to help,  just let me know.'

This made me think, what can all my friends do to help, well to me, Big Onion has existed and grown because of our employees and our culture!

I am creating a go fund me page, for each of my locations, asking that any of you who can spare the money that you are saving from being able to come into our locations to help our employees! No one could have prepared for this, these employees with no warning have lost their ability to make money...their ability to do what they love, which is to serve y'all, and "to make each and every guest feel like they are walking into our own personal homes'.

 As an added feature I am proposing the following, I will continue to fight city/state and federal politics to re-open for my staff, you all just help them get thru this, as they would for you!

$50 donation and up = $25 Big Onion Gift Card

$250 donation = $100 Big Onion Gift Card

Largest donation (companywide-all 8 fundraisers) = Free dinner or lunch (limit to $25 per day) for a year, on us

Let’s all stay positive, unite and get thru this as a team!  Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!!! 


Erik Baylis, Michael Sean & The Entire Big Onion Team

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Chicago, IL
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