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Please take a moment to read this, it would mean a lot to me.

In August of 2016 I moved from my small hometown of New Knoxville, Ohio to Reno, Nevada in the hopes of escaping the constraints that I believed caused my moderate depression and unavoidably unfulfilling life. In the process of seeking my personal development and recovery from what I thought was just depression, I was professionally diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The diagnoses alone couldn't fix my problems, but they helped me understand why certain emotions and behaviors have felt overwhelming for so long. According to researchers, severe forms of both disorders left untreated have miserable and potentially detrimental tendencies for those with either (or both) diagnoses. But in my search for personal growth and ability to release the negativity I have endured and become trapped in, I found that while Reno was equipped with more resources than New Knoxville, they were not equipped for the intensive treatment I needed for my mental health. Though I was putting in the effort and investing in my treatment I was hospitalized in December of 2016 for suicidal ideation and drug use. When I was released after my holding, I still wasn't equip with the help and skills I needed but instead a rather large debt and an even heavier sense of trouble. I continued to seek help but the lack of intensive help and guidance lead me back into the hospital in March of 2017. After this hospitalization my therapist recommended I seek a higher level of help through an intensive inpatient program. The National Institute of Mental Health's studies indicate that "BPD patients who never recovered may be more likely to develop other chronic medical conditions and are less likely to make healthy lifestyle choices." Suggesting that my seemingly inability to recover in less invasive forms of therapy may stem from the duration and intensification of my untreated symptoms over the last ten years. The progressive worsening of my symptoms including emotions, thoughts, drug addiction and other self destructive behaviors is apparent and continuously unavoidable and worsening without the proper care and attention I need. So now, I am at the point where I am ready and need to go to an inpatient facility. But the accumulation of debt from previous hospital bills, my normal living expenses, and inpatient expenses (even with the assistance of my insurance) will by far exceed my capabilities of payment. I had no intentions of seeking money for my own recovery, but at this point in time it's my only option. Anything helps. If you're unable to donate, please share so I can finally get the help I need to be the best version of me. Thank you for your time.

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April Cain 
Reno, NV