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White Rabbit Theatre Company

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White Rabbit Theatre Company is a brand-new, independent theatre company in Zurich, Switzerland, on a mission to provide English theatre experiences for audiences and creative people in the local community. With profit-sharing and an open-book policy at its heart, White Rabbit Theatre Company is dedicated to transparency and equality for all involved. 

Transparency is Key
One of White Rabbit's driving forces in its creation is the idea that theatre should be transparent and fair for all. The Company operates under a profit-sharing umbrella, meaning that everyone who works on each production gets a fair share of the profit. Similarly, we strive to create transparency with our audience and donors. Through our website and blog, we aim to keep all interested parties informed of our progress and where the money we raise is going. We want our audience and our donors to feel like they are as much a part of the production as anyone else!

What We Need
Starting up a theatre company has been a lot of fun and a lot of work, but it has also been expensive. Our costs so far have included:
- Registering with the local authorities
- Setting up a website/blog
- Opening a bank account
- Commissioning a logo

And that's only in 2 months! So far, this has all been paid out of pocket, but that's not going to be sustainable in the long run. 

Some of the expenses we foresee in the immediate future include:
- Rehearsal spaces
- Performance space
- Costumes/Make-Up
- Set/Props
- Storage space (for set/props etc.)
- Sound/lighting
- Marketing
- Box office fees 

We are trying to raise 15,000chf as soon as possible, in order to mount our first production in mid 2018. 

That's where you come in!!

How You Can Help
Any and all donations are much appreciated to get this little theatre going. Help us show that there is still a place in the world for small, independent theatre, and that transparency and an open-book policy can and will work!

In addition, if you are able to donate 25chf or more, we will put your name in the "thank you" part of our very first program. 

Follow the White Rabbit
Check out our website and follow our blog to see how we're progressing and watch the founding of a theatre company and the mounting of its first play, in real time!

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