Hello, my friend. So you’ve become a giver too?

There’s one question I want to ask. Can or will you help me?

If you will, keep reading. If you won’t, just press the x button.

So that’s a “yes” then. I’ll ask one more time…Are you sure? You should stop reading here if you just think it would be nice to free me. I’ll give you a moment to think it over.

So you want to see me that much? Well, I don’t want to share my story.

Honestly, I don’t know how I could frame it for you. After all, I’m here asking you for help for selfish reasons. I’m no good. I’ll always be me, you will be you, so I can’t change my story for your ears, but I can be transparent with you if you have an open heart to listen to me. I have nothing to hide from you.

That’s why I made a movie. I thought it best to share the memoirs of my story for others to learn from, because without them, I wouldn’t be me. I wouldn’t be free to live in transparency.

My story is not simple, but the solution to the problem is. I need good people to come walk with me.

If you can imagine growing up without ever feeling heard, understood, or loved, then you may understand that all I’ve ever wanted is connection.

Back then, I’d do anything to get attention! Today, I only value what is real – a genuine connection!

I believe all the people and situations that come into your life have a message – all we need to do is listen. The toughest challenge you are given can become the best part of you if you let it.

Now that you've joined me, I'll tell you the backstory to my current agenda. At age 13, I had a surgery on my testicle. The operation was a failure. Thereafter, any communication of its complication was rejected by my close ones, so I learned to shut down my emotions. As a result, I continued to live with less, and learned to accept pain as a form of progress. I lived a life of compromise.

For over 7 years since my surgery, my body has never felt the same. A nerve within my testicle has been entrapped in the wrong position. I’ve inevitably learned to compromise my posture to avoid that pain.

If you can imagine being stabbed at each attempt to move your body, whether you just take a step to walk, sit, sleep – or do anything, you’d want to pull away from any pain you might feel immediately! That pain is now firing at all times.

This repetitive reaction has conditioned my spine to twist against its normal state and adapt to a limited range of motion. Scar tissue has built up to prevent it from moving back into place, and my brain stem’s messages are being choked off and delayed. My body's composure has resorted to taking the form of a leaning tower. Long-term progression can result in systemic organ failure.

I’m losing control of my body. My entire being feels like I’m being pulled apart at the seams, with clicks and pops as my fibers grind over joints to stop me, all until I am forced outside of my own container! I can’t walk straight anymore, nor sit or sleep without contorting my posture. Breathing is difficult. Pain is inevitable. Focus is never guaranteed. Sleep is all I need.

I should not be having entire limbs fall asleep because I straighten my back! I should not be struggling to breathe as I break my spine free from its entrapments! I should not be choking on my spit in the middle of my sleep! I should not have to fear the constant threat of my body’s attempts to assassinate me!!

I don't want you to see the first page of symptoms written in 2017...Nobody should have to live like this!
This is my 3rd GoFundMe! I thought I'd be out drinking with friends and having fun on my 21st birthday, but instead I wrote this. I acknowledge that this is not a shoulda-coulda world! I affirm that I am responsible for what actually is! I’ve been wounded for 8 years fighting to get my health back...I am far too young to be experiencing these health issues! I’m stuck!! I cannot move!!!

I’m weak…I never knew how frustrating weakness could be! I don’t go out anymore. I sleep 12 hours a day, and rest in between activities. I’ve had 1 goal for the past 3 years, to have my health back! It’s the only thing stopping me from sharing my ideas with the world, yet I can’t produce enough to afford healing my body! The problems just keep piling on, and I’m gaining interest where damage is due! I don’t know how I can do it anymore. I'm losing it!

For the sake of brevity; gravity is kicking my ass, and it’s about to swallow me whole! This is ridiculous; I haven’t been able to resolve this on my own! My productivity continues to decline and my recovery time continues to climb! I need to evict the monster growing inside my body!

I can’t wait any longer to resolve this. This was once a small problem. Now it’s a crisis! I’m at the point where my biological makeup is changing in favor of the disease. Soon, there will be no turning back. I have to ask for help, and I have to receive it, or I will not be okay.

After turning 18 years old, I’ve seen well over 20 medical different medical specialists, 5 urologists, and I recently visited UCLA Medical Center (Ranked #7 in the Nation). I could not be helped with a long-term solution for my health.

This leaves me with a tangent to my long-term plan for healing. I’ll need to undergo a surgical procedure outside the country so I can move my nerves back into place and assume a position for proper healing. - That, or I completely remove my testicle.

I'm willing to make the sacrifice. Once and only when my parts resume their rightful place can “I command whatever is causing my body to come out of perfect alignment to cease, now and never to return in Jesus name!”

It will be a long and painful process to regain perfect alignment with my body. I’ll have to apply months of rolfing structural integration, upper cervical chiropractic adjustments, and physical therapy to balance myself out. Unfortunately, insurance will not cover any of those health services.

Shortly before my 1st GoFundMe was launched, 10/31/18, I was rewriting my goals and I had to ask myself, “If I found out today that I only had six months to live, what would I do with my life?” Of all the physical things I thought I could not do, dance was the only one I did not know. So, I started taking classes, diligently recording each of my 41 sessions.

Watching my film play back before me that first midnight, I was left in awestruck wonder. I never knew I could dance like that, and I’ve never pushed myself so hard to enjoy pain like that before! It’s now my dream to be The Great Performer of the 21st Century.

Unfortunately, I have ceased any pleasant forms of exercise to avoid the long-term consequence the physical risk may impose on my own self-preservation. All of my movements are busy focusing on pain aversion. My body language now controls the majority of my mind, and frequently disrupts the state of everything I do. If I can get my health back, I can do anything!

I want the light in me to serve as a beacon of hope for the world! I was a loser long enough to shape my words to say that I’m your lucky winner now!! Bet on me, and in return I’ll give you the health that will serve as the foundation for generations to come! Together, we can make miracles happen!!

I don't want to owe my life to anybody, I want to owe it to everybody, and use it as a gift to serve the world with. We the people need hope, in something or somebody. When we lose hope in the future, we live a life filled with regret, a life where all our hope is left in the past. I have a strong hope right now in the people who will help get me through this. We can do this!

God gave me life, and you can give me health! You only need to see up to 5:40 of my movie to understand where I’ve been, appreciate where I’m at, and trust why I need you now more than ever! The rest is a gift to you to add value to your story. Thank you for joining mine. Will you please add to my tales by giving me the chance to give back with my health what is already yours? My service of "I unite souls before showing them their role."

We can both recall that you already answered that question when you first came here to see me. So here are the GoFundMe Rewards I have put together for you. If you only donate once a month, would you please think of me next time? My love envelops you unconditionally with my whole-hearted gratitude!


Notice: Individual Group Coaching Sessions not assigned to a complete Tier 1 (Steps 1-11) OR Tier 2 (Steps 12-20) package are subject to placement on the first step of the ladder for either selected Tier to provide best results.

It would be my pleasure to extend an invitation for you to join my Facebook Group, “Motivation to Speak into Emotional Intelligence.” Here, we participate in learning about human connection as we support and share our journeys, revelations, and empowering resources that will be of service to one another for the highest good of all! 

I’ll look forward to updating you there over the next 40 days - 06/24/19, and will take great pride in the continual relationships we create. Now I’m curious to ask, how may I best return the message by helping you?

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Watch the full movie, "In Pursuit of Purpose - Finding a Life of Happiness (A 2.5 Year Personal Growth Documentary)" 

P.S. This movie is one of my greatest works. I hope you’ll have a few laughs with family as you learn from my experiences! I also hope you didn’t find reading my story a dreadful experience to go through! After all perspective gained, you’re not me, right? There's something to be grateful for. Let me know if I may have you in my prayers.

"It's not about roles anymore, it's about souls. You make a difference whether you want to or not, because together we stand united in our unfolding. I unite souls before I show them their role, because we have one life audition, and the world is our stage. We must not forget to include the audience, for we aren't ready until we've started."

With Gratitude and Unconditional Love,
Michael Earth Osada

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