We urgently need a furever together home

Dear kind people and friends,

In a couple of months, my dear "babas” and I will not have a roof over our heads anymore as the house we have been living in for 7 years is being taken by a family member of the landlord. The chances of us finding a rental farmhouse with land is very much non-existent, so I would like to try to raise enough funds to buy land and if possible a semi-derelict house to renovate little by little because this is my only option.
I do realize I am relying on people's generosity, compassion, and understanding, but I cannot lose my dear babas and they cannot lose me. In fact, if they knew what was happening they would probably sit in the street with a bucket around their necks begging for money because how much they love me is indescribable.

For people who don't know me, here is a little background. I'll try to keep it as short as possible.
I have been rescuing dogs and at times other animals too, (pregnant wild mama cats, wild kittens, hedgehogs, birds and horses) since 2003. I came here from France as an au pair, and stayed. One day, when I was walking to the park with my little rescued collie, I found a little terrier lying in the middle of the road. He had been run over by a car. I carried him to the vet, who put him on IV fluids, then x-rayed him and confirmed the dog had a broken leg and pelvis.

I went home and contacted the North County Dublin SPCA to ask for help, and they surely did help. They funded his orthopedic surgery. I looked after him and did all his physio rehab myself, and then once he was fully recovered, I found him a fantastic home.
I then took the bus to Drumcondra to the North County Dublin SPCA clinic to say a big thank you. From that day, I started volunteering in the clinic twice a week. I assisted the most wonderful vet, John Sharpe, during the surgeries, and it became quite clear what I wanted to do, so I applied to UCD for the vet nursing course. I therefore am a qualified veterinary nurse. I left practice in 2013 to be a behaviourist and trainer as well as groomer.

During my decade as a vet nurse, I took many dogs people wanted euthanized for behavioral reasons. Actually, almost every dog I have taken has been in this situation. Some ended up staying with me because of how long it took to rehabilitate them and the huge bond and love that developed between us in the process could never be broken, but I have nonetheless rescued and rehomed close to 100 dogs during those years, and taken many dogs who belonged to friends and people whose dogs I boarded and minded.

People might wonder why I never registered as a charity. I always thought it was not right to do so until I owned the property we lived in, mainly because I was terrified of not having that security and depending on what a person’s wishes were “How ironic!” you might say.
Now, I am exactly where I feared to be one day, but I am hoping there is a reason, and that maybe this will give me what I need to have to do more, to save more, not to have to say no when a dog really needs my help. I am praying I am right, and this is not the end of us. To be truthful, I would not survive it. I have with many sacrifices managed to always do everything with the help of my mom and some friends at times. I live simply, no tv, no broadband, no central heating, clothes bought from charity shops, never been to a hairdresser, and I drive one big very old van.
I do not regret any of it one bit because my pets’ happiness, love, joy, and love for life and me is worth everything in this world to me. Seeing terrified, shutdown, worried and physically hurt dogs blossom and love life is absolutely priceless and all I want in life.

Please, please help us stay together and help me continue what I truly believe my purpose in life is.

Here is a link to the fb page I made and my Instagram where I'll be posting daily photos and videos of us.
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Caroline Delaye 
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