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Let me start by introducing myself & the reason for everything I am doing online. Hello, My name is Mary Hedez, and I only have one purpose: to help others to help the world and build a worldwide foundation for sexual abuse grown-ups who are still struggling with sexual abuse trauma because it is my life experience. I started this a year ago during the pandemic and after a short depression (back in April 2021). Since then, I have prayed to God every day to show me clearly, and send me signs and messages of how to start my purpose on earth. And through his love and mercy, He has guided me Step by step, which is why I've developed a strong passion for the music industry.

My theme is "We can change the world" as long as we unite. To do this, we all need to put our hands together and do this suitable for humanity, and as the saying goes, the more we give, the more we gain, and that's a fact everyone can agree. To make this more effective and successful, I thought of involving singers, and artists, like RichBwoyYoga from Tanzania, Daniel Thunder from Zambia, and rapper Swish PTA from South Africa.
I look forward to further work with prominent artists from my home country here in the United States of America.

The moment someone finds their real purpose on earth at that moment their
cause of existence is discovered. I aim to help sexually abused (grown-ups only because it’s my life experience) get strong, stand on their feet, and build a foundation for that. But since I need to start with a charity organization, GOD has guided me with my Purpose. Like I said before, I only live for my purpose, and it is the only important thing for me to help others. GOD has led me through the music industry because it it is the only way to build a worldwide foundation... I have been helping many people and artists from Africa with some money to get them started to gain fans and followers with marketing & publicity on all my social media. That is why I have many African friends on all my pages and groups.

To support my purpose, I have decided to form an organization, a charity organization, to be specific. Now, this charity organization is not only based on giving alms (something such as money or food that is freely given to relieve the needy), but this charity organization is also based on motivating, inspiring, encouraging, teaching, and also to make people realize that we are all the same and that we can do all things and become whosoever we ought to become.

I have a song collaboration with Daniel Thunder, My Legacy.. a song that we composed together, and it talks about the kind of legacy I would like to leave in this world. I am now helping Dre (my adopted son's stage name/pseudonym) @RichBwoyYoga. I also paid for the Kipenzi Wangu- My Lady music video (a song I composed). My Passion is a 5starz Charity Organization song I (Mary Hedez) have written.

Facebook profile Swish Pta, Swish Pta is the best rapper from South Africa. We have two collaborations together #DYNASTY and #SCAMRAYVANNYDISS. Listen to the Dynasty song on YouTube Dynasty Song. Scam Rayvanny Diss On Sound Cloud

My Passion song listens on sound cloud talks about my passion for helping others and my passion for helping the world, "WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD."

1.) Rich Bwoy Yoga
I was born in 1999. ( 7Th February) In a country called Zambia and a city called Lusaka. Growing up in a very disciplined and
strict family, I always wanted to explore life. My parents always said I was a callous and determined young man because I always got what I wanted. I always ensured my siblings were well protected and would always give anything for them to be happy.
In my Life, I have been in love with one thing: music. When I was seven, we went from Zambia to Tanzania. There I used to chat with my grandma, and my grandma would sing songs that inspired me. Since then, I got inspired and started dreaming big. I then promised myself I would one day become the most significant artist the world has ever seen. We later came back to zambia, Were I met Zambian celebrities who later introduced me to the studio. I was eight years old by then. This time I knew that I was in line with my dream. Years passed and by the time I was thirteen years old i could defeat any rapper in rap battles. I always used to mingle with people very much older than me cause I believed they had more wisdom. They could advice me on how to write good songs. I always believed in getting what I wanted. I had a lot of confidence In my inner being. Hard work and despline was my major inner belief
I always had one strength that made me so strong. "Be social, love everyone and avoid making enermies for you to be strong in life."
At around the edge of ten I recorded my first song titled ghetto, which narrated and described the ghetto lifestyle. When I was thirteen I met Stevo one of Zambia's big celebrity. He tought me a lot about how to become a celebrity and many things on how the music industry works. Time passed and I helped many celebrities push there music. My greatest disappointment that life gave me was when I lost my biological mum in 2019. Everything in me almost died And I thought nothing can work in my life any more. I went on my social profile, made an official announcement that " I'm stopping music," by then i had recorded an album which i wanted to release on my birthday. I went to Tanzania to my father's place and stayed for a while. After a while I decided to return to Zambia. By then I had developed a habit of beer drinking just to forget what I was passing through. I then met a producer called
WHOBEATS. He believed in me and to be honest he made me believe in myself. One thing I'll forever appreciate him for stopping me from my beer drinking habit. I was on track again and because of my respect for him I called him dad. We did an e.p and it performed well on afro charts. As time went by I met the greatest gift of my life, my biological mum was no more but God gave me another mother who believed in me 100%(Mary Hedez). She is my mother and I'll always be her son. Coz whatever God gives is forever. This is who I'm. I give more thanks to God, my late mother(m.h.s.r.p) my lovely mother from U.S.A (mary Hedez) and my producer WHOBEATS and all my funs, family and friends. To all artists
Out there. The key to success is determination and hardwork. Thanku You
2.)Hello I'm Brian otieno ong'ondo I'm a Kenyan I was born in 1997 second last born in the family of 6 children, I'm single orphan my mother is a live,my father died in 2015 when I joined secondary school that brings complications in my education since He was the one paying for my school fees I tried through hoeing for others for money and paid for my school fees. 2017 when I realized that I can write a song and i wrote some songs and spoken words and sell for other upcoming artists for money. From 2018 I trained and visited "artz media Rongo" and recorded my fast song (wanagere) and realized that I can make it to international level I love music as my talent/ career and I promise to be on top in the music industry "through GOD everything is possible" But 2015 and 2020 are the years that I would never forget in my life since my fathers' death I hustled and pay for my school fees from form 1 to 3 and my principal paid for me form 4 fees because I was also a good footballer and I took the school to national level, 2020 after finishing up secondary schools I travelled to Nairobi to look for job, when I got my aunty and stayed with her, within some months she went home for funeral that's 2020 march, before she travelled back,the fast case of coronavirus was heard in the country Kenya and we were put into lockdown. Within two months landlord chased me from his house and from that day I became a street boy I served with pigs and dogs But I thanks God for life
3.)Am Marthias Nyirenda I was born in Zambia Lusaka city on 4August 200 I have grown up with my grand mother I lost my daddy in 2003 and my mum in 2010 I started my music career in 2016 at school live music my life has been so hard because of little support that I have I have two sisters they look up to me cause they believe in me that one day I can change this life
Losing the people that love
I didn't write my grade 12 because of school feels drop out of school after mock examination
Sometimes we just sleep without eating because have nothing to eat
“I will persist until I succeed. Always will I take another step and if that is of no avail, I will take another, and yet another. In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult. I know that small attempts repeated will complete any undertaking.”“All that I know about my life, it seems, I have learned in books.”
“Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”I remember mum telling me that but I was more like a jock to me cause I didn't understand I thought life was just a simple thing but now I came to know life This is why am called Montex someone who grew up without parents


Mary Hedez
Anaheim, CA

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