We all need your help, PLEASE

This is a long message, but please read it all and consider. Thank you. HELP FOR PAWS. PLEASE!!!  For this is a time  when I  need and ask for help, I hope you will not judge me. This is very painful, to borderline embarrassing, but I have to do it.
I beg each and everyone of you to help me.  For the sake of my animals and their future well being , as well as mine.
I  lived in NYC for about 18 years and Florida for about 15 years.
I have just recently moved to Denver, Colorado.  Over the years, life as a whole has been good and at times, a little less good, but I always overcame the obstacles when necessary. Such is life.
I came to this country on my own 33 years ago and never looked back.  I was 20  then.  I did not come here for any financial or political reasons. My hometown of Waterloo in Belgium, was a wonderfull place to grow up , and most of all my friends were  from the american community, which is quite large. Being friends with them and getting to know them, is  probably what gave me the strong desire to go to the USA.  I was young at the time, and determined. That was 1984. I never looked back and remain happy at heart,  of the decision I made back then.
Fast forward to 2016. Many years prior, I suffered a foot injury on my  left sole, and little did I know at the time, it would develop many years later into Squamous Carcinoma, which is Cancer.  In June 2016, I had to take a leave of absence from work, because I could no longer bear the chronic pain anymore.  I went to see a specialist and it was agree that surgery was the only option in order to remove the growth inside my foot. I was excited of the outcome of the procedure. I was going to be able to walk normally again.  I spent 8 weeks in  convalescence , but the surgery was a complete disaster and left me with a partial hole in my foot due to  loss of tissue. The specialist had completely messed up my foot because of a wrong diagnosis and an inappropriate procedure. I had Cancer then, but he went in there blindly, thinking it was just a growth.
For all that time I spent in bed ( 8 weeks ), as many have been throughout my life, my animals were my best therapy. Being a Jack of many trades, I bounced back (sort of, considering my foot condition), secured a different job, and started again  to the best of my abilities. That was September of last year.
My savings at the time were sufficient to hold me for the time being, with the addition of a little revenue from my new job. But that was not enough  to stabilize my savings from dwindling. November 2016, I developed a mass on my left hip, which turned out to be an Staphylococcus infection , which unknown to me, I had contracted from the surgery  back in June 2016 and that,  landed me in the hospital  and into emergency surgery for removal of the mass and treatment of  the infection. With no  medical insurance at the time, having cancelled it  just months before it all started due to a major  increase in the cost of premiums and deductibles , I was left paying the medical bills out of my   pocket. I devised a plan to possibly have the necessary surgery done  by the beginning of the new year. My foot itself had a different agenda. On December 24th 2016, the sole of my foot blew up from the pressure of the growth, which had come back with a vengeance. I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital for what would be emergency surgery and a stay  at the medical facility for over 13 days, where I spent Christmas, New Year and my birthday. I had be to stabilized first due to 2 separate infections running through my body. One was a Staphylococcus​ infection, the other, a peptostreptococcus infection. Both my doctors and I were puzzled, because, I was not showing any outside signs of infection. No temperature, nothing!! All my vitals were  right on the dot.
Before being admitted into surgery, my team of doctors had took control of the infections. I was put on  an intensive  regiment of antibiotics for the next month and was going into surgery 2days after admission for what would turn to be the first of 4 surgeries in the next 8 weeks, with a total stay of 23 days in the hospital,  2 of which were in intensive care when I first got admitted. It was a battle for me and the doctors to secure a 3 hour pass from the hospital each and every time I was stable enough from the procedure to let me leave and go home in order  to make sure that my animals were well taken care of by the people I had asked to do so.
 Although  the  team of doctors tried to  the best of their abilities  to keep my foot whole, it was decided and  deemed necessary that on my last surgery, they would have to   perform partial amputation​ of the foot. I had a toe removed as well as  an adjacent bone  and  extra tissue that had been affected by the Cancer. They basically, not to be graphic, had to go in there and removed the designated toe and keep on going upward in order to remove what whas necessary and keep my foot somehow resembling a normal foot, minus some.  If anything, I was lucky enough, that even though partial amputation was performed due to the positioning of the growth, I am still able to rest my sole normally without much discomfort. My left foot is now  fully healed but narrowed because of the amputation.  I don't need any prosthetic, only what is called a shoe filler to keep proper balance. This whole thing was unfortunate but I was lucky enough  to be spared what could have been more and that  only so much was  amputated and removed.  My health seems to be on the rebound, but if only I could say the same about my finances. Yet again, if it was, I would not be at this stage of desperation. 
Because of all this in the past year, I have not been able to restabalize my  savings and the funds have dwindle to only a few hundred dollars. After my last surgery and many post surgery test, nothing for the time being , is showing up.  I am  cleared of Cancer. The next tests are scheduled to be performed this coming September. Fingers crossed.  But lesson learned, although, having been  mostly healthy all my life prior to last year, I cannot ignore what I went through and have to remain vigilant of the condition that affected me.
 I moved to  the Denver area over 2 months ago, deciding to make a new life for myself as well as my animals and left all my material things behind . For you have to understand, my animals mean  so much, especially being the theraputic help they have been this last year, and have  always been . Yes we are a happy (sort) of  family and I  pray and hope we will remain that way, together in the future. I came to Denver with the promise , understanding and agreement of going into a business relationship with a dear old friend of mine from ages ago back in Waterloo. That was brief and did not work out. Upon arrival in Denver, at the time , I had enough funds to secure myself a place to live, and I had access to the business vehicle for transportation . I decided to stay in a hotel in order to rebuild my capital  a little more and have extra funds available for moving in to a  better place that I could have originally  moved in to. If only I could have foreseen what would transpire just a few weeks down the road, with what I had believed to be a genuine friend .  I would not have moved to Colorado. When I was still in Florida just prior to my move, I still had enough savings to get me over that hump, and I would have been alright. I was still in convalescence and walking with crutches   and attached to a wound vac ( it regrows the skin without the help of  a skin graft), but I was fine.  I was still in a better position and would not have found myself where I am today . When  I got here, I made myself busy right away trying to establish the business, but  I could tell from the get go, that this was more of  an uphill battle  than what I had hoped it would turn out to be, and it did not turn out to be  in a good way . Although, some money was coming into the business,  a lot of it was being redistributed into another business which I was not part of, in order to pay that business's bills.  I was  to collect a salary from the business,  but the amount I was collecting was not enough to sustain me . So once again, I had to dip into my savings. This is when I realized, that unfortunately, although the business was developing in a profitable way, I was not given what was rightfully my share of the profit, I was only given what was enough to pay for my lodging and at times not enough .  It seemed like crumbs and leftovers. My experience in the business was  to be my contribution  and equal to what was agreed  to be my investment into the venture.  Things did not work out and business came to an abrupt end, without much notice to me.  For what I had thought was an old friend, turned out to be  nothing more than an individual  concerned about material things and money. It seemed that money burned in my business partner's hands, that added to the fact of him being very materialistic and incapable of saving s . The prospect of an old friend soon to be in distress, due to  events and health condition ,  was nothing more than irrelevant to him,  my then  friend and business partner. 
 So here I was, in Denver, left with nothing. No family nor friends and not knowing anybody,  and nowhere to stay but the hotel which was now dragging me in the negative. All this in a complete new setting.   I had been so busy working on the business, that I literally did not make or have time for myself to secure a permanent address or anything else for that matter. When we first started to talk about joining hands into the business venture, it  Ihad been agreed that I and my animals  would stay with him and his family for the first 2 months so that I could rebuild my capital. This was quickly taken off the table when his wife realized I had cats. I was told that I could still stay with them, under the condition that I letgo of my cats, the dog was alright. So  When I got to Denver, I  stayed in a hotel. It  was understood by all parties involved that this was to be for a couple weeks only, but due to the lack of substantial revenue  coming my way from the  business, it got prolonged and my savings, this time, were going south at a very high rate of speed.  This move has cost me nearly $ 10.000  , most of it in the form of lodging. I do not live in luxury, I only buy what is necessary, and my animals are well taken care of.  I do not drink nor have a controlled substance dependency. I would actually consider myself strong willed , capable and determined. The day after the dissolution of the business, I was out in the street in search of a job and it has not been easy without personal transportation  or with the  little disability  that has afflicted me for now. It has been over 2 weeks now and many resumes made it into the hands of prospective employers,  but nothing has emerged from my efforts yet. Although I know it shortly will,  my situation is what one may say, very dire at this time. Having gone through my savings at this point, I will in my present situation, be homeless( never thought this could happen to me) and in the street by this coming Thursday. That is a little less than 48 hours from now.  I am in humble admission, terrified  of the possible outcome for all of us in less than 48 hours. I hope this  plea and confession reaches  as many people as possible, and that whomever it reaches will forward it to their friends and family. If I cannot come up with funds by then, I will most likely have to say goodbye to my animals and it absolutely terrifies me. I cannot bear the idea of them being  taken away . Them being separated  from one another , all of them caged and me on the street without a bed to sleep in  All except one are in good health. Ludwig, one of my elderly feline has a thyroid condition, for which he needs supervision and medication. I cannot foresee a liveable future for him if we are separated.
If this reaches you, I beg for your help. Whatever it may be,  in ways of  either money, a place to stay or a job opportunity.  I really have good  little creatures( cats) and a big dog. This guy is a treeing walker Coonhound which I had just adopted prior to my first surgery, because, at the time, he was bound for a kennel.  If anyone that reads this has any doubts of what I went through in the last 12 months, copies of the  surgical procedure transcripts  as well as pics of my foot (sic) can be made available upon request. On a final note, the last 2 months have been hard, the last 2 weeks stressful, and  the possible outcome this Thursday, absolutely very frightening. I will  most certainly bounce  back ( on 9 toes, lol) , but for now, I need all the help I can get. PLEASE!!!
For those who wish, I can also forward pics of the animals, so that you may see  who might be the recipients of the help I am asking for. I am also, for those who  wish to speak to me leaving my phone number below
[phone redacted]. You may remain anonymous if you wish to do so, I respect it and understand. 
I want to thank , each and everyone of you, first for taking the time to read this plea for help and would be forever grateful of any assistance that you might deem appropriate. Any amount you can spare will put me in a better position  that I am in right now.  The attached picture is of the animals and myself in a rental truck last week prior to moving in to a different hotel.
Thank you , and  please consider sharing and forwarding this  as much as you can.


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