Walking for USMC PTSD and Addiction

I was and am a Marine. I cannot speak for all Marines...or service members..but the shit we endured during our contracts with Uncle Sam..
Well...some of us came back
A little different...and with good reason....as there were times endured
And stuff witnessed that your average 18-24 year old either sees in the movies
Or never even witnessed
Some turn 
to booze or drugs
Two dozen a day pull the trigger one last time
I'm walking not to party in the woods
I'm am walking to get back to who I use to be...as well as for those who have PTSD or have an addiction
They say it takes 1k a month and most finish the 2100 mile hump in 4.5-6 months. The gear ran me 4 bills.....monies have been set aside for food and lodging if the opportunity presents itself

Walking alone..so if you have the need to clear the closet....ill meet you on the trail.
Any donors who can spare a 5 to a 50 will be sent an addition link for either a blog or different facebook account to watch my daily life...as I plan to post after dinner and prior to throwing my food bag into the tree (to prevent bear visits) and then hitting the hay...

2021...time goes by.  With a broken foot and the need to leave the trail..then went back and finished..   Had a nice bout with a drainage of my Bank Account to the tune of...well..lets just say it made me rationalize life in a whole different way..the blog mever transpired as the savvy ..energy and battery life never ran in unison.

The donations were not wasted..nor touched till completion.. as i did not pull and pay forward until my journey was finished. I know of one Marine who was inches away..and your donation at least saved HIM and we talk weekly and he works now with purpose for the state of Virginia.

I went back out in 2020 to get into a vibe again..as society was going ape shit with Covid leading the parade...and a little bit to see if i could locate the guy who was trailing me from town to town using my bank information...:) that didn't come to fruition..better off that way

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