We are in a world of hurt and need emergency help.  It's just the three of us - Will, Andy and me, Grace.

We are homeless, working through all the housing agencies to little effect. Will is in desperate need of lumbar spinal surgery. And to finish his testing due to prostate cancer.  I need eye surgery and two tumors/cysts removed from my scalp - and  I have a TBI which makes everything so much more difficult due to my mind going into chaos and I can't function for a while, or just shut down.  There is cognitive impairment due to the TBI and I have SSI, that still doesn't change my world, and homelessness and sleeping in the car a different place 5 nights out of 7 doesn't help.

I need the eye surgery so I don't go blind, and I can't get new prescription glasses until my eyes have been stable at least 3 months before I can have the exam. I am currenlty using contact lenses that have a prezscitopion that is 8 years old and glasses that are over 10 years old and  I am severely nearsighted and have issues driving at night with the intense beams of the newer cars. 
The surgery is one eye at a time and a week apart.  I will need at least a day to recover if all goes well each time. I could stay in a local motel, such as Motel 6. I cannot stay in the car in the bright sun and I will have the eye dilated and light sensitive for at least 6 hours. My brain takes a little longer to recover when dealing with any retinopathy procedures. And it is two procedures that I know of at this point. 

In addition to that, my car is breaking down and  falling apart. It needs so much work! She's a 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass. My late father's car. It needs front tires as the current ones are bald, a break job, a tune up, an oil change, possibly a new timing belt, even a new rotor and struts. She sure is making a lot of noise which usually means $$.  Money we don't have and won't. Will just gets General Assistance from the County until his SSD comes through, and who knows when that will be. 

Will was hospitalized last week due to low blood sugar. Eating once per day isn't working for him, but that's all we get unless I use my money from SSI. His food stamps will not pay for warm food from the grocery store, and neither of us receives money from the State due to our homelessness.  And we have had several cold spells, causing us to huddle in the car under blankets while wearing jackets and thick pants. I have kept Andy with me under blankets due to the little guy shivering even with his doggy sweatshirt and in a heavy duty and snuggly dog bed! 

Andy had to go to the vet's two weeks ago due to issues with his intestines. After tests and treatment, and receiving a discounted rate, we still owe $600 to that clinic. I have no idea how we are going to pay it. Will can't work due to his back and I can't work due to my broken brain. 

Why are we homeless? Will's evil brother kicked him out of the house Will shared with their Mother for 15 years - per her request! There was no need for an agreement between brothers as Will was the caretaker for their Mother  who had Alzheimer's and the brother spent not one dime for his mother - ever in his whole life!  She was a cash cow as far as he was concerned, and Will can still be until his life is over as far as that asshat is concerned. Oh, the crap he has done just since I met Will - and their mother died in 2012! Leave it be, jerk! You can't have it all or take it with you. 

I am homeless due to friends who didn't care to know or understand what had happened to when I had my stroke and I was forced out of their homes after returning to the Bay Area when my adopted mother died and I had no reason to stay in Southern California as she made sure I couldn't take over "her" house, even through the trust, which she tore up while I was caring for her and unable to work due to her.  She wanted me to have nothing, nor my  adopted father's biological son - which I found our about six months after she died! I have PTSD due to her, her attitude and the fact she beat me from childhood until I was 48 years old - a year before she died. Always denying  the fact I was adopted,  which I knew when I was 11! Besides, when I got my edited birth certificate and found out I was born at a home for unwed mothers - in East Los Angeles - it was pretty much confirmed. Her cesarean scar was from her daughter born and buried in 1963 whose name was recycled to me and who's gravesite I saw when I was 19. Yeah, she gave me plenty of reasons to have PTSD. Dad never denied it, but he never said, "Yes, you were adopted" either. He was still an awesome Dad and I couldn't have asked for better.  Divorcing his narcissistic witch of a wife would have been better for all concerned. 

Will needs Andy as Andy has been approved to be Will's service animal due to his severe anxiety and all the issues his brother has caused over a lifetime. I need Will and Andy, since they rescued me in 2018, to maintain my health and life. And we adore each other. Hence Will and Grace 2.0 NorCal Version! I have a best friend again, since I was abandoned by them in 2014, during my first ischemic attack, and 2016, two weeks after my vascular lacunar stroke. My BFF of 40+ years cussed me out over the phone, not able to notice I was mentally off, but blaming me for being heartless and cruel. And I was taking care of Mom while she was trying to kill me. The other's "happiness" was at issue and I had to leave - and I was told 2 weeks after my stroke and could barely talk. Their "happiness" was not impacted, as they never moved like they said they were. Then there were the friends that locked me out of the house as the wife thought my cognitive impairment was cognitive dissonance, which had been finally diagnosed the day before, and I had difficulty with their spoilt 18 year old daughter who "dabbed" and enjoyed acting homeless. But,  I had to go due to the cognitive dissonance.  The two conditions are not at all similar, but make the disabled woman homeless while a Northern California town is burning and is impacting the Bay Area. Oh, and throw her out without her meds! 

What we have been through due to other people and what they are willing to do to others is heart wrenching. I walk in the Lord's Grace, but I have been constantly challenged. The Lord's path for me is not an easy one and I have accepted that. Doing it while poor and homeless is more too much for me. I will die or have another stroke (I am at high risk) or both. Please help us. We will pay it forward as I intend to advocate for the homeless, and have. I will help this community, as I can, as I am one of them. Not an addict or dependent on drugs and alcohol, but I will help in other ways. I have never and will never become dependent on "drugs" or alcohol. It has never been a way that I am comfortable or ok with.

You can find us via the following (Will being camera shy):



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