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Vucjak Shelter & Wildlife Sanctuary Inc., is a non-profit animal rescue in Kragujevac, Serbia.  As of January 1, 2022 our shelter is home to over 1200 dogs, cats and other wildlife.  Dejan Gacic founded this shelter over 25 years ago.  Through hard work, determination, genuine compassion, and love of all animals, he has rescued; provided medical attention; fed and sheltered the growing number of stray dogs who are abandoned, discarded, starved and abused.

The shelter’s mission  is to provide a safe haven and sanctuary for "the animals no one else wants" in Cumic, near Kragujevac, Serbia.   Vucjak Shelter relies solely on private donations and receives no support from governmental agencies.

This fund is solely for the purpose to aide in the Adoption process.  Our team has been working diligently to secure Rescue Partners in UK, EU, USA and Canada.  These partners are able to take our dogs in foster care and give the dogs individual training to help them transition into a loving family home.  Most of these dogs have never walked on a leash; never been potty trained; never had a loving touch; played with a ball; or slept in a warm bed.  We need to get these dogs transported out of Serbia, but its not an easy task.  The cost of transporting dogs is extremely expensive and time consuming.  COVID has tripled the cost of airline transport and NO Serbian airlines will take animal cargo.  To transport (1) dog to USA - first you must drive 12hours to Frankfurt, Germany airport then a 10 hour airline fee to USA = Cost $3800 USD.  This is in addition to the cost of Veterinary Services, spay/neuter, vaccinations, and travel documentation which cost approx. $300 USD.

Why we need your help.
Our team's aim is to build up a network to get these dogs transported out of Serbia; but we have one of the most difficult countries to do this. The requirements to transport animals is very strict; we are not a part of the European Union; and there is no airline animal cargo out of the country.  We must build a network of transporters, adopters, fosters and Rescue Partners;  hire a Liaison at the shelter to take pictures, get the dogs vetted and ready for transport;  and hire a Logistics person to help with transport routes and paperwork.

Our goal is to bring the number of dogs down to a manageable 350-400 at the shelter and we can realistically do this with your help.  Please partner with us to make this happen.  Give these dogs a chance at a good life in a loving home.  Its up to us to be their support team, to be their voice, to help them get the love they so desperately crave.

So we ask you to do the easy part and donate! Whilst, Dejan saves these animals from their endless suffering and we the Support Team build a network of volunteers and workers - We can save these animals together !! Can you help?
Thank you for your consideration, the Vucjak Shelter Team

For more information on our shelter and programs visit:
IG & FB          @vucjakshelter
Team Page   @vucjakshelterteam

*** Disclaimer:  This campaign is run by Louise Hitra one of the administration team.  Dejan Gacic has instructed our team to set up this campaign solely for the purpose of funding Adoptions for Vucjak Shelter.  Dejan Gacic founder and sole owner of Vucjak Shelter does NOT have access to GoFundMe platform in Serbia.  All funds from this campaign will be sent directly to Dejan Gacic via his PayPal account.  Every dollar will be accounted for and we will post all transactions for full transparency.

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