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Virtual Fundraiser for The Uptown Nightclub

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The outpouring of online support has be heartening. Our hope is that some of our supporters can also help us financially.

Our first concern when we were ordered closed was for our staff who cannot work from home and depend on their paychecks and tips to survive. Thankfully we live in the great state of California that understands this concern and is providing unemployment benefits  immediately.

Now we must concern ourselves with making sure we can continue to pay our bills in order to be able to reopen and reemploy our staff. Most of the expenses of operating a nightclub don't go away when the doors are closed (rent, utilities, music licensing rights, insurance, etc). Being a small independent business we have nowhere to turn for help except to our wonderful patrons.

We understand many of you are also a part of the creative community and hit hard by all of this too. But if any of you can give any amount it is much appreciated!

Looking forward to life after ‘the virus’ when we can hopefully welcome you all back to The Uptown.


Robbin Green-Yeh
Oakland, CA

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