Veteran-Owned Acupuncture Clinic Needs Your Help

[Thank you Cody Page (my nephew) for putting this video together!]


How would you feel knowing that your $50 can provide acupuncture treatments to 10 Veterans combating trauma, pain, PTSD, lack of mobility or stress? Veterans like our 78-year old friend Tony. He’s an Army Veteran, served as a Paratrooper. Because of his age and service, he’s lost mobility in his arms and legs. After several acupuncture treatments, his mobility in his arms increased 50% and his legs were able to function more like he wants.

Or Veterans like Felix, who has been deported to Mexico. After serving his country, after dealing with challenges in life, after being deported; we went down into Tijuana and gave him (and other deported Veterans) free acupuncture treatments. After the treatment, he says he felt relief from stress and pain, but even more powerful, you could see a light in his eyes that wasn’t there before the treatment. A light of hope.

Or like Navy Veteran Dave, at first he was skeptical on the treatments. After he came in for a few weeks, Dave was feeling the healing of the treatments and was able to go boogie boarding for the first time in three years. And seeing the zest of life in Dave has been such an incredible reward itself. And think of the impact this has on his family and friends.

Or Navy Veteran Brian, he said he felt “relaxed” and “euphoric” after the treatment. You could just tell he was in a much better place after receiving acupuncture.

Or Air Force Veteran with auto immune issues, where sometimes he can’t get out of bed. He came into the clinic not being able to walk. He received a treatment and was able to walk out of the clinic with the help of a cane. The feeling of hope we all felt after this was so powerful.

Or a Police Officer came in based on the recommendation of a Fire Fighter. This Police Officer was shot twice and now recovering on admin duty. He said he felt so much pain relief with the acupuncture treatments we provided him.

Not every Veteran or First Responder that gets acupuncture has a life-changing experience. Yet nearly everyone that receives a treatment walks out feeling just a little relieved of pain or stress, and feeling more calm, relaxed and sometimes euphoric. Imagine how that healing, calmness and being relaxed radiates to all their friends, family and community.

That’s where your donation is going. To help a Veteran or First Responder have a relaxed and stress-free moment of their day. And the positive effect that has on their friends, family and community. Your $50 will treat 10 Veterans or First Responders. Your $100 will treat 20 Veterans or First Responders.

So how did we get here? And why do I need help now? Let me share with you part of my backstory.

Hello! & Backstory
I'm Guy Page, Founder and Owner of The Inn Spot Community Acupuncture . I'm an Air Force Veteran and my life was changed by acupuncture. I almost needed back surgery a few years ago, but acupuncture helped my back so much I didn't need it anymore. I was in so much pain before I found acupuncture, I'm so grateful to find this powerful and effective way of healing.

I was so excited about acupuncture, I went to an Acupuncturists Without Borders  seminar in early 2018 and my life was changed. I immediately knew I needed to bring acupuncture to our Veterans. So I cashed in my 401k and opened a clinic 65 days after the seminar.

Since then, along with my incredible team, The Inn Spot Community Acupuncture  has served over 3,500 Veterans, First Responders, Active Duty and their families. Due to COVID-19, our clinic was hit hard and we had to close shop for a few months. In addition to cashing in my 401k to operate this clinic, I've had to sell my condo to keep this dream alive. This was one of the toughest things I've had to do in life. But I did it because I believe that much in this dream of healing those who have sacrificed so much for our country.

We opened back up and are continuing to provide free treatments to Veterans, but we are still recovering and are nearing the point where we will have to close our doors for good. We really don't want to close our doors, because we know the impact we've made already. We are humbly asking for support to continue this project of providing free acupuncture treatments to our Veterans, First Responders, Active Duty and their families.

Please Support
Please donate what you can. If that's $10, $25 or $100, we are incredibly grateful for your support. Please share this page so we can spread the word and continue our project! Thanks so much!

Our Acupuncturists
Big thanks to our Doctors who treat our Veterans, First Responders, Active Duty and their family members. Thank you Dr. Thomas Noonan for being with us since the beginning! And thank you Dr. Casey Culp for your incredible work! We couldn't do our powerful work with these people!

Our Main Sponsors
Over the past years, we've had incredible organizations donate supplies and sponsor our events. Huge thanks to Lhasa Oms , Radical Roots , Acupuncturists Without Borders  and Ear Seeds ! Without you guys, we wouldn't be able to do our work!

The Proof Behind Acupuncture
Did you know the Veterans Affairs has approved acupuncture treatment for our veterans? Acupuncture has been clinically proven to help reduce stress, pain, trauma and much more. For our free treatments, we use the proven NADA Protocol because of its effectiveness.

Deported Veterans
This year, our team went into Mexico twice to help our deported Veterans with free acupuncture treatments. This underserved community needs our help and we're doing what we can to bring healing to these Veterans.

In addition to the acupuncture treatments, our team has coordinated several donation packages (car loads worth of toys, food, needed supplies and much more) to these same Veterans. Our project (with your support) will continue this as long as we can.

The Hardest Thing
It's been incredibly easy for me to give, give and give to our Veterans, First Responders, Active Duty and their families the past couple of years. What's been hard for me is to ask for help, especially with money. I've realized in order for me to continue this great work, I need help. That's why we need this campaign shared far and wide so we can continue.

Moving Forward
When this campaign ends and we hit our funding goal, we'll have enough funds to keep the clinic running and providing free treatments for the next few months. Without this, we will close our doors.

In addition, our good friends have collected business consultants, marketing experts, volunteers and other business owners to develop a business plan to make this project a self-sustaining business and growing it bigger than we can imagine. We are truly grateful for our friends Lane, Carla, Chloe, Dona, Jim, Carl and so many more that will continue to help our dream!

Dreams Come True
We are forever grateful for all those who have volunteered, donated, spread the word, organized and everything else for us the past couple years. We would not be here without you! When I started this project in 2018, I had no business plan, all I had was a strong feeling in my heart to give back to those who have served our country. We have a dream of helping thousands more for the years to come, and we know it'll happen because you helped us!

And knowing people like Tony, Felix, Brian, Dave and so many more have been positively affected by acupuncture, motivates us to keep this going. Veterans and First Responders of all ages and generations have already been helped, let's keep going.

Huge Gratitude
Thanks so much for reading this (and hopefully supporting us)! We really do appreciate it! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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