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Ask yourself...

How would you feel if you just received a death threat?

Someone wants to have you rather dead than alive.

Just for protecting your family. For protecting your home.

Deep in the Amazonian jungle, an indigenous leader named Dadá Borarí receives death threats on a regular basis.

Just because Dadá is the chief of the 'Maró Indigenous Territory' in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and dares to stand up against the people who destroy the forests.

This story is about far more than just Chief Dadá. Many indigenous across the whole world have to deal with violent conflicts and oppressions.

However, this story of Chief Dadá is a remarkable one we would like to share with you.


Chief Dadá Borarí is a regular man like you and me.

The difference between him and us is that he survived multiple assassination attempts, assuming you, just like me, never experienced an attempt of being killed.

Chief Dadá has been kidnapped (!), tortured (!), tied up between trees and left behind in the wilderness. He managed to survive, thanks to a rescue team.

Honestly, how unrealistic is that?

Despite the assassination attempts and still ongoing death threats, he remains dedicated to the mission of protecting the rainforests by being a spokesperson for the rainforests.

If this is not true leadership. We don't know what is.

Check out these video clips and listen to what Chief Dadá has to say to all of us:

Video 1
Video 2


Chief Dadá is coming to Europe, and we are organising a fundraising action to raise €500.000, upscale the science-based proven impact of the Forest Forces Foundation and guarantee Dadá's safety measures once and for all.

We cannot stress enough that all money will be used to upscale the core strategy and reach out to dozens of other indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest, train them to effectively gather evidence against illegal offenses and engage with public prosecutors.


ALL MONEY - READ - ALL MONEY will be directly donated to the official foundation called the 'Forest Forces Foundation ' that holds a non-profit ANBI-status in The Netherlands. This NGO closely works together with Chief Dadá and many more indigenous leaders in the Amazon rainforest.

Supporting Forest Forces will:
1. Guarantee safety Chief Dadá Borarí
2. Guarantee safety Forest Guardians Team
3. Guarantee safety of Indigenous Territories

We can hear you think: ''Why this organization?'', ''Are there not already enough?''.

Well, honestly, we thought the same at first.

However, the moment when we started to understand the scale of impact from this NGO alone, holding such a small budget, especially compared to other NGOs who receive millions and millions annually, we all were convinced to become involved with this mission.

We write this story on behalve of the entire team of Forest Forces that has grown over the years considerably, besides all sponsorships and partnerships that over the years have come to understand how this organization is different in contrast to many others.


Forest Forces is a true frontline organization with major impact thanks to its science-based strategy derived from criminological and technological fundamentals.

Less talking, more action. Especially there where it is most needed. On the ground. The local communities that have the knowledge and know the lands above anyone else. They are the true advisors of this organization.

Believe me, and hold me acountable for what I am about to write, ALL money will directly be put in the hands of the indigenous leaders, there where it belongs.

Curious to know more about how funding strategically will be used? Read the direct impact measures here.


Dr. Tim Boekhout van Solinge is a seasoned criminologist and world leading expert in (forest) crime, even for the United Nations, and is the founder and director of the Forest Forces Foundation.

Tim has been working closely together with Chief Dadá since 2015, however besides Dadá, he gained the trust of many more indigenous leaders and chiefs in the Amazon to work together on the frontlines of deforestation which is largely (almost entirely) caused by organized crime (!). And believe me, by now I know you will not easily get the trust from indigenous leaders. You need to earn it.

Besides the close collaboration with the local communities on the ground equipped with advanced technology, Tim also started strategic partnerships with the public prosecutors that all together close the loop for Forest Crime Prevention.



>90% of deforestation in Brazil is illegal = ORGANIZED CRIME

>60% of the WORLD'S rainforest has already been deforested.

100% of the solution is in our own hands, simply by working together with the indigenous people on the frontlines or by supporting organisations who already do so, like Forest Forces.



Let me first get across I am writing to support Forest Forces.

My name is Niek Oldenburg, a random guy from The Netherlands.

However, it turned out pretty quickly in life that I was fascinated by nature and the animal kingdom from a very young age.

Many years later, after graduation and living among different cultures across the world, I wanted to live in Amsterdam, since, in the end, history showed that city to be the center of change globally.

Here in the concrete jungle, I am dedicating my time and energy to ask awareness for unheard stories. I will do my very best to make this story be heard.

After seeing the severe destruction of deforestation in the Amazon with my own eyes, smelling the burnt wood and feeling the emotional pain of the indigenous, I know this story is true and cannot go unheard.

Together with the Forest Forces Team we are dedicated to raise €500.000 and upscale the positive impact the organization is already making.

As a team we already made the first financial contribution to get Chief Dadá, his Brazilian bodyguard Maury (yes, he is always under protection) and his Brazilian advisor prof. Gilberto, here to the Netherlands with a specific mission.

Besides important meetings in the Netherlands to mobilise international cooperation with, among others, Dutch Universities, Foreign Affairs and other officials and lawyers, Chief Dadá has been invited to speak at several events during this period:


Will you also support our mission? Will you support the Amazon rainforest with your financial contribution in a very concrete and personal way? AND with 100% guaranteed impact.

With donations above 10k, we would like to invite you to the Private Fundraising Event we are organising ourselves in Rotterdam to become an official sponsor, either as an individual or as your legal entity.

We hope to meet you in person soon!

If you feel like getting in touch, take your phone out and give me a call via +316 22 94 36 37.

Warm regards from all of us,

Team Forest Forces.





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