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As some of you know I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer around Christmas of 2014. I have tumors in multiple nodes on the left side of my neck.
I was offered a neck dissection by the NHS, removing muscles from the back of my skull to the front of my neck and down to the collarbone.
They would remove glands from under my occipital bone, in my head, down to the glands in the top of my chest and all glands in between.
A section of my jugular vein would be removed and, if the nerve in the back of my headleading down outside of my spine was more than 16% infected, then they would take that too, leaving me permanently unable to move my limbs.
I checked the statistics, there was an 80% chance of surviving the operation, after which travelling metasteses would appear within 6 to 10 months  in random parts of the body, usually lungs, bowls, liver etc.
If I was between 15 and 39 years old they would offer me a 45% chance of living up to 5 years . However, as I am I already 39 (nearly 40) they would offer me up to a 15% chance of living up to 5 years.
I decided, due to their inability to find find the primary cancer and it's ability to spread even after intrusive dissection that I would look to the cure the cancer using natural therapies and give my body the best chance of healing.
I have been following the Gerson therapy for 10 weeks at this point. This is a natural therapy that primarily involves the ingestion of around 115 lbs of organic vegetable and fruit produce per week. This combined with my vitamins, minerals, supplements and ongoing support material comes in at a cost of around £900 per month. Whilst I am covering the ongoing costs of the treatment as best I can day to day - the main purpose of this gofundme account is to send me to the European Gerson Institute in Hungary to receive the necessary tests and adjustments to the therapy to give me the maximum chance of a full recovery.  This trip will be over a two week period and will cost approximately £5000 before flights.
The trip is now more important than ever as I have now been refused any further tests by the NHS to explore the progress and extent of my cancer.

Thank you for your time in reading this.
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Peter Clark 
Thornton-Cleveleys, North West England, United Kingdom