Never Give Up Never Surrender


My name is Cindy, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian cancer at age 30 after undergoing a c-section while delivering my first born son.

I want you all to know that being diagnosed with Ovarian cancer is not a death sentence.  As long as you have family and friends who support you with love and prayers. I was young and healthy and made it through a year of chemotherapy treatments as best I could.  After 5 years, the doctors declared me cancer free.

Unfortunately the doctors were wrong.  My cancer returned 20 years later, this time the cancer had moved to my lung  and I was now in Stage 4.  The intense 3 month chemo caused my weakened body to become septic with complete organ failure slipping me into a coma on the brink of death. This was so serious that my sister was called upon  to decide whether or not to pull my life support.

I could never give up or surrender to this awful disease, and thank goodness my sister knew it and kept me alive so that I could battle back.  I finally was able to leave the hospital 6 months later in a wheelchair.  Just prior to the cancer returning to my lung, my husband of 25 years had divorced me and so there  I was, divorced with 3 children.  Because of the strokes suffered while sick I had to quit my job causing me to loose my house and go on disability.

It took about 2 years to get back to my "New Normal" with just cognative issues from the strokes to deal with.  I then decided to give back to the hospital that pulled me through and have volunteered there ever since.

Unfortunately, cancer was not through with me and returned again, this time to my spine.  After surgery and radiation, I was in remission about 5 years.  The cancer came back once again this time to my abdominal lymph gland.  This time I was treated with Radiation seeds and medication that worked great for a few years.

Last year the cancer came back once again to my lymph system and spine.  So I'm back on chemo again.  However, now I'm in my 60's instead of my 30's.  The chemo seems harder and definitely much more expensive.  The regular shots to boost my white count are very expensive and not covered by insurance and I have decent insurance. 

I'm on a fixed income and my disability insurance from my last employer ends when I turn 65 in May.  So here I am, tapped out financially, but I still don't want to give up or surrender to this awful disease.  But it's getting so hard to make ends meet.  I need your help! Please help me to stay alive (especially since I need to take care of my daughter who is special needs).  My goal is $10,000.00.  Enough to help pay my ever mounting medical bills.  Whatever you can give is so appreciated!  God bless you all!
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