Urgente Help Needed!

My name is Jason Jeffery Baker. I am a holistic body psychotherapist, tantrika, doula (birth assistant) and a father of 4 wonderful children.

In January I was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum. When I received the letter stating that my cancer was malign I asked myself “Why me? This didn't make much sense because I have almost always lived a very healthy life growing my own bio food, eating mostly bio and having a very healthy lifestyle except for the past two years in which I have been attentively attending the needs of my children and their basketball training and also eating out very often as there was no time to prepare the meals,cultivate etc. Was that the reason? Organically speaking,,maybe, but as I searched inside and really asked myself “Why?”......

The answer came clear to me..”To show them it can be done!”

It was clear to me that I had been asked to take a stand and resolve the cancer dynamics naturally without surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy nor other invasive methods to present an alternative to conventional therapies.

So this is my quest! Unlike most other situations in my life this time I need lots of support......haha! the omnipresent supporter needs support! I believe this is step one of my healing, accepting support and love coming my way from the outside.

So here is my plea: Please support me! This is for myself, my children, my community (thousands of clients) and for all of us.

Full of gratitude


Therapies: ozone, autohemo, fitotherapy, brainspotting, emdr, family constellation, biomagnetism, sunbathing, healthy diet, and lots of rest,

Difficulties: Dealing with the in-numerous calls trying to persuade me to change my mind and go against my beliefs and my intuition. At this moment It really hurts when I sit so driving a car to go anywhere is torture!

Strengths: My beliefs in a natural healing of the body and its capacities.

Support: Wow! I've been getting lots of support from other parents driving my children to and from their training sessions and also their games.

Insights: There are so many levels of healing going from the material (body) to the spiritual that comes from much further away.

Dealing with fear..fear of change, fear of death, fear of life etc. I don't feel fear in my process but other people do feel afraid of suffering, death, alternative healing etc. and that is difficult to deal with themselves so the flood of fear around me doesn't help much.

Contacts:If you would like to contact me then please do that through the [email redacted]. Sorry I can't take phone calls because there are just too many per day and I do need to rest.

Duration: I've been told that healing cancer in the body can take up to 18 or 24 months. Ok, Let's do it then!

Why 50,000euros?: This is the sum of 18 months not working and the treatments. Any amount you can donate is welcome. It will all add up!
Our social system here in Portugal doesn't support me enough as I am an independent worker. 

Thanks again.

Hugs Jason
  • Marta Melo 
    • €70 
    • 34 mos
  • Alberto Andrade  
    • €100 
    • 34 mos
  • Susana Severino 
    • €44 
    • 34 mos
  • Natanael Matos 
    • €5 
    • 34 mos
  • Sonia Gonçalves 
    • €20 
    • 34 mos
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Ouroboros Jason Baker 
Boco, Sernancelhe, Portugal