We are desperate for support to help care for the poorly cats we rescue. We have spent £6151.97 at the vets in ONLY 10 DAYS! .

We are a small group of volunteers dedicated to helping cats in need 
We help the sick, the injured and the neglected. We do our best for every cat in our care and we ensure they get the vet care and treatment they deserve. We never give up on them no matter how much work it is or how much it costs. We give them the second chance they deserve therefore we usually have high vet bills. However these past 10 days have been crazy as we have helped so many cats in desperate need. We also have taken in more cats than normal but we couldn't refuse those that needed us.

Due to helping all these cats we have racked up huge vets bills of £6151.97
Thankfully out of the £6151.97 we have managed to pay off £2628.78 from our fundraiser for Cosmo, we have also managed to pay off some of vets bills at Reagan's and Darley House from our competitions. So we now have £3076.64 left to fundraise for. We have
£1257.89 left to pay Armac Vets and £1818.75 at Beech House Vets. (The amount is going to be higher as we have cats booked in the vets this week )

As you can see our vet bills are huge and we really need your support. I have added in some pictures and information on some of the cats below so you can see who you will be helping 

Here is a picture of Jonny one of the kittens who's has spent time in the emergency vets. Jonny is a orphan kitten we have been hand rearing. He had a fit and had to be rushed  in thankfully he is doing better now. His care has contributed to our high vet bills. How could we not help him though. 

This is cosmo he is another cat who had to go to the emergency vets, he needed specialist surgery as he had two badly broken legs and other injuries after being hit by a car. 

This is beans he was found in the road covered in oil and very poorly. He has had to spend a few days in the emergency vets its a long road a head of him to get him better. 

This is blinky we rescued him a few weeks ago we had to get his eye removed as he was badly neglected and his eye had ruptured. Sadly he hasn't been well recently so had to have test to find what's wrong with him . So he is another cat who added to our vet bills. 

This is Apricot she is one of orphan kittens her and her siblings were going to be drowned so we rescued them. We handreared them sadly recently they have been unwell and had to have tests and medication from the vets to get them better. 

These are only some of cats who we have been helping causing us to have huge vet bills. There are many more cats we are helping. We are currently caring for 65 cats as well as a feral colony. All the cats have come from bad situations many poorly ,neglected or abandoned . They all need vet care our help and a second chance at nice life free from pain and suffering. 
We have put a link below where you can see the other cats we are helping. 

Link to our Facebook page where you can follow the cats we help journeys

We would appreciate any donations or help to fundraise for this large amount of vet bills. Without your support we simply can not help any more cats in need. We never want the reason that we can't help a cat to be due to money.

If you can donate anything it would make such a difference and be so appreciated. 

We understand not everyone is in a position to donate. So if you can't donate please share, it is really appreciated and makes a difference.

If you want to donate you can do so directly to the vets, Armac or Beech House.

Via this fundraiser 

Or via

Bank transfer
Kitty Rescue Bury


[email redacted]

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to save these poorly cats who deserve to be shown love and affection for possibly the first time in their lives.

Any amount raised above what is needed to cover the vet bills will be put into general funds for the cats in our care.

We have posted some receipts below to show you what we have spent .

It wont seem to let us post the full picture, if you want to see the full picture please message us.

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