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On July 4th 2024, while watching fireworks at the beach in Crescent City Ca, my 3-year-old nephew was struck by a mortar. This ultimately resulted in him coding for what felt like 30 minutes. His lung collapsed which filled with blood, this resulted in his heart to stop beating. He has burns on his body, and inside of his body. Currently he is being life-flighted to a more equipped hospital in Portland Oregon. There he will potentially undergo surgeries and other life-saving measures. At the moment there is no answer to if he will wake up, and if he does what state his brain will be in, considering he did not have a heartbeat for an extended amount of time.

My name is SuZanna Church I am the aunt, his mom and dad are by his side right now. I'm asking our friends family and community for any sort of help that they can provide for their family. They're not going to be able to stay with their baby right now meaning there's going to be hotel expenses, food expenses and other expenses resulting from not being able to work. This accident wasn't forseen an unfortunately like most people nowadays, there isn't a backup fund for this family.

*Update Baby B is in Portland now, he is on a vent and in an induced coma. he will remain in this state for a few days to try and heal his lung. He is currently "stable". Still no word on brain function.

Baby b update 7/7/24

He has been taken off the paralytic, today they tried to lower the ventilator oxygen, to get him to breathe on his own. Baby was not having it, he was trying to breathe differently or against the vent. They turned it back up to take over. They will try again! He will need skin graphs in the future, potentially for his burns. His lungs are also not getting worse meaning the contusions on them are not getting bigger or darker or harder or anything like that. And finally, they did discover he had a fever, they found the cause and he has influenza h. They are starting antibiotics now.

Baby B update 7/8/24

The docs were able to lower his vent oxygen ouutput. This is good because it gives his lungs a change to get stronger! He woke up today but it was unproductive and they immediately put him back to sleep. That's it for today!



Hey all Baby b is still sedated , a little more now because they had to move him back to the breathing machine that does a little more for him, due to him having influenza H. They also upgraded the size of his breathing tube to help make it easier to get phlegm out . The burn drs are still saying they would like to do a skin graft , just not until he has a little less going on. Other than this we are doing about the same , the dr reminded us this is a marathon not a sprint.

Baby B update-- 7.10.24

Baby B is taking a step back for now but that's expected. He developed a bad fever, spiking at 104. The cause is undetermined right now. He has woken up a few times and pulled at his tubes. The doc says that's a good thing though, that he may be aware. The docs are thinking skin graft neph week (maybe). They put him in a little chair to help get some of the yuckies out of his lungs. The buildup is pretty bad. The doctors say that it's okay to go back and fourth to healing and struggles. It's so worrisome to see little dude like this. I can't wait for his momma to hear him talk.

Baby B update 7/11/24

Yesterday I mentioned baby b had a high fever. They found out that ontop of the influenza h, he has strep in his lung. The doctors are treating it and don't seem to be super worried. He is getting new sedation meds today for no special reason, just because. He was able to open his eyes for a moment during med transition. My sis said it was nice to see him's big brown eyes ❤️. Evidently he also was opening his eyes last night according to a nurse he was following the cartoon they had playing with his eyes. It's unconfirmed but a very sweet thought and very special the nurse shared all that with us. We love you #babybstrong

Baby B update 7/15/2024

Unfortunately baby B has continued to fight an infection. This has caused high fevers now vomiting and delirium. During the last few days, the doctors have done cultures and found influenza h, and strep. We/they thought that was it. Well as of today that's not the case. There is still a mystery to be solved to get back on the healing path. Baby B is fighting off a very high fever and now the new symptom of vomiting and delirium. Please please keep him in mind. He needs good vibes and strength. We love you B

. Final thought-- The arraignment of the folks responsible is today. There is a reporter from the triplicate there now.



Suzanna Church
Cave Junction, OR

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