URGENT: Georgie needs your help NOW

Georgie is a cat that has no home and who lives on the street.  A neighbor saw that part of her face looked to be missing and reached out to Carson Cats. According to neighbors her face has looked like that for a while and we believe that no animal deserves to be in such pain and suffering.

Georgie needs a vet ASAP and we at Carson Cats already tapped out with our own cats but we can't turn our backs on her and we need the community's help.So we are asking the community to help with funds to get her into the vet for treatment and testing. Any amount helps and we are so appreciative of your support!

Once we get Georgie into the vet for treatment we will need an angel to foster her. If you would be interested in fostering Georgie please contact:  [email redacted]

UPDATE: 7/27/17

We have had quite a long journey with Georgie and learning her story.  Since posting this 2 weeks ago, we found Georgie's feeder/caretaker who has been feeding Georgie for the past 3 years.  Georgie's feeder loves Georgie to pieces and she has gotten Georgie to trust her more and more each day.   Georgie was friendly in her street cat way...never letting anyone touch her but certianly would get close and show her trust by brushing against legs or going into the feeder's house. The vets estimate Georgie to be around 7/8 years old, but she has led a tough life like many street cats...the doctors even found a BB Gun pellet in her side when they took her x-rays (see below).

Georgie was the neighborhood  cat where folks would set up beds for her and open up their garages so she would have shelter and a place to sleep...of course cats being cats Georgie never slept in the shelter intended for her, but the neighbors kept trying...Six months ago , Georgie's feeder noticed Georgie had a wound on her face.  She thought Georgie may have gotten in a fight with a raccoon or even a coyote which are rampant in the neighborhood.  She took a picure of Georgie to her vet.  The vet said it looked like cancer and there was not much she could do...so she kept feeding her and caring for her the best way she could...providing food, shelter and love.

When we contacted Georgie's feeder about the GoFundMe and all the people who wanted to help, she was so touched.  She said that she had tried to trap Georgie early on  to take her to the vet but was not successful.  At this point she was not sure if it was time to take Georgie in, but with all the support we decided at minuim the vet could examine Georgie and rule our any fungal infections, bacterial infections or of course cancer.  We worked on a simple plan to get Georgie in a carrier in the least traumatic way.  The feeder also talked to her cat's oncologist (she has an indoor cat with lymphoma) and the oncologist said that if she brought her in, she would do anything she could to help....

Last Friday morning, 7/21/17, Georgie walked into the feeder's front door...almost as if she was saying, "fine, let's do this!"  The feeder was able to pick her up with a towel and place her in the carrier...She took her immediately to the hospital where the oncologist met Georgie and a team of doctors and surgeons....she was treated like royalty....

Since Georgie was scared and could not be handled easily, they had to sedate her to examine her properly.  We decided that if she was going to have to be sedated then we might was well do all the cultures, bloodwork and samples as we could to biopsy.  The surgeon also wanted to really clean up Georgie's wounds and debride it as much as possible.  

We were expecting the doctors and the oncologists to just say it was cancer and take Georgie back home to live out her days with medical supervision...but the doctor's were not convinced it was cancer...even the oncologist was not convinced...so they took all the samples and cleaned out her wounds (see pictures) .  They told us that the samples they sent in would have to decalcify and we would have to wait 5 buisnes days for the results.  Wow...that is a long time waiting....And in the mean time, Georgie would stay in the hospital and have to get her bandages changed from her debrided wound daily - and to do that she would have to be sedated every day...We actually did not realize that part until after the surgeon cleaned her wound....but we had all ready gone all in and they were so hopeful that there was a big possibilty it was not going to be cancer but just a massive bactetial infection that has kept getting worse....

This is what they told the lab when they sent in the sample..." Georgie presented to the ACCESS Emergency Service for a large wound on the face. Georgie is a female feral cat that the owner has been
feeding, but unable to handle due to ther skittish/nervous behavior. She was not seen for a month in Jan/Feb and returned approximately one
month later. They noticed a wound on her face early March. Sincethen, they have noticed the wound getting larger in size. Georgie continues to eat soft food/baby food well with the wound on the face and comes to the home on the porch twice a day for meals. There is a
recent history of coyotes in the area, and the other feral cats that the owners used to feed cannot be found. A picture of the wound was taken and sent to the owner's rDVM. They were concerned in regards to
a cancerous process. The owners were able to capture her today to bring in for evaluation."

While we were waiting for the biopsies to come back, the doctors performed an  ultrasound and x-rays to try and rule out cancer - if it was going to be cancer, they were looking for evidence that it metastasized to other parts of the body...the only thing they found was a BB Pellot in Georgie's side...POOR GEORGIE!  What a life this poor girl has had!!

We got daily updates on Georgie every time they did a bandage change and Georgie has gotten quite sweet while being in the hospital - even enjoying pets!  The  feeder visited her a number of times...and the doctors were so pleased on how Georgie's new skin was coming in and the wound was healing....the surgoen was planning on reconstructive surgery this upcoming Friday but everything was depending on those results....was it infection, fungal or cancer???  

Its been a very very long week...

Update 7/28/17

Well, we FINALLY got the results...No Fungal infection, Yes bacterial infection...and YES, Cancer....

MICROSCOPIC FINDINGS: Squamous cell carcinoma.

We feel like we have been punched in the gut..we have been so hopeful this whole week that it was just some bacteria infection and that Georgie just needed time to heal...we were so excited to update her plea that she was going to be ok....but I guess that is life...and we took a huge chance because the doctor's were so hopeful....they are almost as devastated as we are...

We are waiting to talk to the oncologist and surgeon tomorrow to see what our options are...we certainly do not want her to die in the hospital after all this and at least be able to bring her home...even for just a few days...

With all the diagnostics and the daily sedations for changing her bandages, this is a hefty bill...we have tried our best for Georgie with your help and support...we want to finish strong for her and make the best decision for her....

Her bill for the week so far is close to $6500....We took a chance that we could save her and get her better but we know now, its just a matter of time....but we want to be able to bring her home for even a few days...

So we are going to talk to her medical team tomorrow and we will update everyone with our plan...

We can't thank everyone enough for your support and follow up for Geogie....

The hospital staff has falllen in love with her as have we all...
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