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Updated Electric for the Blue House

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The Little Blue House at the University of Tulsa  needs your support! 

We are an non-profit organization, fostering an interfaith voice for peace and social justice on the University of Tulsa Campus. We host numerous progressive groups and programming in our house, but our building is in desperate need of repair. Which is why we are reaching out for your help…

The Little Blue House (formerly United Campus Ministries/Canterbury Center) has been the home of the interfaith community and progressive activism on the University of Tulsa’s campus since 1967. We are home to four student organizations  – the Society for Gender Equality, Pride at TU (the campus LGBTQ+ organization), Earth Matters (an environmentalist group), and Head Strong (a mental health advocacy organization). We also provide weekly vegetarian lunches, coffee and meditation workshops, and we organize an array of social gatherings and community service projects throughout the year. The Little Blue House provides a unique home to students of all faith or no faith, a judgment-free space where they can be themselves, and find friendship and understanding among like-minded classmates.

                  "It really was the Blue House that prepared me for the work I do today by opening myself up to social justice dialogue & action, understanding what true acceptance means, and passionately loving one another." 
                   -Scott Gove, BA '12, MA '14. 

How you can help
While our community is strong, our facility – literally, a little blue house! –  is now in need of some updates. Although we are located on the TU campus, we are not affiliated with TU and receive no funds from the University to underwrite our upkeep. Thus we are turning to you, our friends, neighbors, alumni, and progressive communities, for financial support. 

By the end of summer 2018, we hope to modernize our electrical system, both allowing the Little Blue House to consume energy more efficiently and providing a safer physical environment for the many students we serve. 

Renovations include:
-Update fuse circuit panel, $1,200
-Remove knob & tube wiring, $1,800
-Add new outlets, $450
-City permits, $1,000
-Repair drywall, $550
TOTAL: $5,000

With your help, we can preserve the Little Blue House for generations of students to come!

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Linda Litton Davis
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Tulsa, OK
United Ministry At The University Of Tulsa
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Danielle Macdonald
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