Finding Your Happiness

Name of Campaign "“ Finding True Happiness

Purpose of Campaign "“ To raise 50K to 75K to publish, print, and market Universe 202: The Process "“ Mind Body Spirit and help raise awareness of all of the Universe Series lectures and books.

We invite you into a journey of wonder, a journey into the Universe.

Have you ever wondered why happiness is as elusive today as it was thousands of years ago? We've invented cellphones and the Internet in the last two decades. We have even put a man onto the moon.
We've achieved amazing feats and yet we haven't been able to find a worldwide solution to the one thing that we all seek but seems to elude us: happiness.

What if we told you we have a solution? Crazy, right? Don't believe us?

Good, because we can prove it to you. Want to find out how? Keep reading.

Author Monica Ortiz has already successfully helped thousands of individuals find their happiness by teaching the principles on how to live their most passionate life. She has done this through a concept about finding your core purpose, first published in her book Universe 101, which is called root-digging.

In Monica's words: "Everyone is born with unlimited potential for happiness, but along the way we lose our direction. Why? Pressures from family, friends and societal expectations teach us to divert away from who we truly are and what we were meant to become.

It doesn't have to be this way. I've helped many people rediscover their happiness by applying the tools outlined in my book Universe 101. These tools teach you how to live in your core purpose. I share the inspiring stories of my clients as they move from a place of pain, frustration, and unhappiness into a beautiful, warm, and purpose filled life.

I would like to give everyone these tools but it is impossible to do so one on one. My book Universe 101 was the beginning of the answer. Publishing Universe 202 continues our path forward into a happy, healthy, world by giving people the resources and knowledge to discover for themselves what they are seeking. Your donation will help us publish this next book in the series."


2011: Stanford University launches a first ever happiness conference recognizing the importance of this in their curriculum.

2012: Monica publishes Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve and begins her writings and worldwide speaking tour which has already reached 43 countries.

2013: The Universe Series launches a Pay It Forward campaign to give $800,000 dollars worth of Universe 101 (100,000 copies) away for FREE.

Today: Your donation helps us publish Universe 202, which will also influence the world to become a happier and more consciously responsible place.

The success of Universe 101 has already proven that this message is powerful and needs to be shared. If you haven't read it yet, obtain one of the limited 100,000 FREE copies here

If Monica or the book has resonated with you pay the journey forward by helping others below.

Peace and Love to the Universe!

Please find below in depth descriptions of our incentives:

$5.00: Supporter
Support us by joining The Universe Series monthly newsletter to stay informed on our lectures, community events, energy moving, trips/retreats, and receive any insider updates.

$7.00 11 Principles to Redesigning Your Life
Written by Monica Ortiz, this informative eBook contains tools you need to not only guide you to breaking bad patterns, but also develop good patterns that will set you on your path to accomplishing your life endeavors successfully. (shipped May 2014)

$17.00 Find A Job...
We at The Universe Series want to help everyone achieve success and happiness in this life. Scientists have proven one of the major components of happiness is the fulfillment from working in an engaging job that we can take pride in. If you or someone you know is looking for work, we can help. Whether you're looking for a better career with greater fulfillment and higher pay, or simply want a job so you can move forward in life, this perk is for you. Our FIND A JOB perk gives you access to nearly 5,000 recruiters and staffing agencies across the United States and Canada who will work with you to help you find your new career. We are offering this incredible opportunity that will save anyone hundreds of hours in their job search for only $17. This bundle contains a list of 600 Recruiters in the U.S.A. 150 Staffing Agencies in the U.S.A., and 4,000 Staffing Agencies in Canada.

$24.00: T-Shirt

Receive a beautifully designed T-shirt with one of Monica Ortiz's inspirational sayings on it. Wear this shirt proudly and remind yourself of the journey of your enlightenment. (Shipped March 2014)

$27.00: Signed book
Receive a signed paperback edition of Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve. Find real solutions to illuminate areas of your life where you may have had some difficulty and find a positive way to move forward. (Shipped February 2014)

$57.00: Signed books
Receive signed copies of Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve and Universe 202: The Process "“ Mind Body Spirit, as well as the eBook 11 Principles to Redesigning Your Life. (Universe 202 shipped April 2014, 11 Principles will be available for download in March 2014)

$100.00: Unlimited learning
Receive a year-long subscription (16 lectures) to The Universe Series online lectures to delve deeper into the concepts and Universal Principles in her book Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve the Bonus meditation CD is included. (Meditation CD shipped March 2014)

$200.00: Personal Guide
Monica has helped many people discover a more enlightened, higher understanding of themselves and move past current blocks in their life. Your hour-long session will answer some of your biggest questions and those you hadn't even known existed.

$749.00: Sedona Vortex Experience
2 Dates: Apr 4-6 and August 22-24
Space is limited to 12 people.

It has been well documented that there are energy vortex's prevalent in Sedona, Arizona. Unless they are very spiritually aware of their surroundings, most people will never actually know they are in the vortex when they enter one. Monica will help you experience the vortex by channeling that energy into you. The benefit is a complete body realignment using the natural energy that exists within the vortex.

This trip includes transport to and from the Flagstaff airport + meals, your guided meditation, a private talk with Monica about your vortex experience and guidance on questions you may have about your life and your path. You must handle all airfare and hotel costs.

Taking the trip and having Monica by your side is an experience not to be missed. You will receive lasting health benefits for making this journey and as others before you have, may have a life changing experience.

To get the full experience please plan to be in Sedona by Friday night at the latest.

Day One "“ Attendees will be picked up from the Flagstaff, Arizona airport and taken to their hotel in Sedona, Arizona where they will have an opportunity to check in and freshen up. In the evening, attendees will be picked up from their hotel and taken for an orientation with Monica about what to expect during the experience. Then all attendees will be led through a guided meditation with Monica where she will assess each individuals energy levels and prepare each person for the experience at the Energy Vortex. Afterwards, everyone will head out to enjoy a leisurely dinner and after dinner, everyone will go to their rooms to rest for the next days adventure.

Day Two - Saturday morning everyone will get together for breakfast, you will hear a private lecture with Monica and then everyone will be driven to the Vortex where you will sit with Monica as she moves the energy from the Vortex through your body. You will have time to enjoy the stunning scenery and then be driven back to the hotel.

From there you will have free time to reflect on your experience, enjoy the sights in town, or rest before dinner. In between, Monica will have a scheduled time with you for a private consultation. That night everyone will enjoy dinner together and can share their experiences.

Day Three "“ Sunday morning all attendees will have breakfast, enjoy a private lecture with Monica, check out of the hotel and be driven to the Flagstaff airport to catch their flights home.

Please plan for flights anytime after 12:00PM to allow for drive time.

Includes transportation to and from the Flagstaff airport in Arizona, a tour of a selected Sedona vortex, meals, a group guided meditation, two private lectures by Monica, an energy moving experience at a Sedona vortex, and a private consultation with Monica about the spiritual experience.

Airfare to Flagstaff airport and hotel accommodations are covered by attendee.

If you have questions about this incentive, please email us at [email redacted] 
the healing energy in and around Stonehenge through you. 

$151.00: Spiritual Journey to Stonehenge
Dates: (May 14, 2014 - May 16, 2014)

Stonehenge is one of the world's most ancient and mysterious structures. This prehistoric monument is located in Wiltshire, England, and is one of a number of holy sites around the world where the world's core energy can be accessed.

This will be the second time Monica has visited the Stonehenge ruins after her first trip in 2012. In her first trip Monica used her unique gifts to tap into and realign the energy portal at the Stonehenge ruins, resulting in an energetic shift felt worldwide by those with affinity to energy. Her return to Stonehenge will allow her to access this now balanced energy to the benefit of all participants. All participants in the journey will have this powerful energy passed through them, resulting in higher vibrational frequencies, unlocked memories, and a deeper knowledge of their highest Self.

To get the full 3-hour experience please plan to arrive at Stonehenge at Noon.

What's included in your Universe Series Stonehenge Adventure:

"¢Entry into the grounds at Stonehenge "“ We meet at the entrance where you will be given an orientation of what your experience will include. Energy vortex experiences have produced some very insightful, meaningful and awakening moments for the guests who have attended with us previously.

"¢Explanation of Native American sacred herbs "“ Details are explained to you of the significance of the 4 sacred native herbs and how to properly use them. Their importance in native culture during healing, prayer and ceremony is as prevalent today as it was hundreds of years ago.

"¢Native American purification ceremony - After the orientation, you will be immersed in an ancient cleansing ceremony involving sage, favored for its removal of negative forces. This ceremony prepares you for the day's adventure so that you will be ready for the best experience without inhibiting negative energy around and within you.

"¢Explanation of energy and portal that is Stonehenge - There are many theories about the origins of Stonehenge and much conjecture; what cannot be disputed is its importance as a world vortex location. Monica reveals some of the secrets and sets the scene for the day.

"¢Explanation of how Stonehenge is connected to the rest of the world - Stonehenge is arguably one of the most significant energy portals in the World. It, along with Machu Picchu in Peru, The Mounds of Ireland, Sedona in Arizona, The Pyramids of Egypt and similar recorded vortex sites in other locations are responsible for the natural flow of energy around the planet. Scientists have recorded the spiraling energy and in some of these locations like Sedona you can actually see it evidenced in the growth of the surrounding trees. The natural flow of "˜good' energy is essential to the order of things on earth and you will have an increased understanding after this experience.

"¢Guided meditation "“ After our orientation, you will be led through a guided meditation where your body's natural energy will be realigned using Stonehenge's ancient portal energies.

"¢Clearing your energy "“ During the guided meditation Monica will evaluate your personal energy and clear any stagnant energy within you so you can experience the portal's energy to its fullest.

"¢Realignment of your mind-body-spirit "“ The key energy points within your body are your Chakras. Monica will assess, purify and free the flow of energy through your Chakras. 

"¢Discover and get in touch with your spirit animal "“ During the guided meditation and energy clearing Monica often encounters guest's spirit animals. She will reveal these to you and enable you to get in touch with your spirit animal. Guests on previous adventures have particularly enjoyed this part of the day and many have experienced what we describe as "˜a-ha' moments at this point.

"¢Learn how to get in touch with and cultivate your own energy "“  Through a series of energy exercises Monica will teach you how to "˜feel' your own energy and the energy of others. A particular favourite is creating your own energy ball.

"¢Q&A "“ The day wouldn't be complete without answers to the many questions that will arise. Monica provides the answers to your questions and it's also an opportunity for the group to exchange stories and cement friendships forged in this very special place.

Attendees must cover their airfare, accomodations, and meals while in the U.K. and to and from Stonehenge.

If you have questions about this incentive, please email us at [email redacted]

$3,007.00: Spiritual Journey to Machu Picchu
Dates: (TBD)

Machu Picchu was once the crown jewel of the Incan empire in the 1500's. This ancient home of Incan emperor Pachacuti is one of a handful of holy sites around the world where the world's core energy can be accessed. Other locations include the Pyramids of Egypt, the Stonehenge ruins, and the Mounds of Ireland.

This journey to Machu Picchu is part of the fulfillment of Monica's spiritual quest which previously took her to the Stonehenge ruins. Her unique energy moving gifts allowed her to tap into and realign the energy portal at Stonehenge, resulting in a worldwide energetic shift felt far beyond England. Her journey to Machu Picchu's energy portal will unlock another energetic blockage. All participants in the journey will have the world's core energy passed through them, resulting in higher vibrational frequencies, unlocked memories, and a deeper knowledge of their highest Self.

You will spend five days with us in Peru and at the Machu Picchu ruins to participate in an energy and spiritual awakening experience unlike any other.

Day One "“ Your Experience begins in the ancient capital Cusco, you'll need to be in Cusco by late morning on Friday, May 30th to rest and begin your altitude acclimatization before our first group activity. Everyone will gather for an introductory talk with Monica and a tour of the vibrant historical capital of Peru. Our professional guide will unravel some of the mysteries and reveal the history and landmarks of this beautiful city. Then you will be led through a guided meditation with Monica where she will access each individual's energy levels and energetically prepare each of you for the Machu Picchu experience. After dinner everyone will go to their rooms to rest for the next day's adventure.

Day Two "“ On Saturday, May 31st, everyone will get together for breakfast and then we will set out with Monica to undergo a guided tour of Machu Picchu. Our professional guide will give insight into the ancient Inca civilization and explain the site. You will hear a private lecture and then relax with Monica as she moves the energy in and around Machu Picchu to realign the portals between the ancient ruins around the world.

She will open your mind to the energetic flow and each person's experience will be unique to them as the possibility of their life's door and purpose will be opened, offering a glance into your past, your future, realignment within one's self, or a powerful healing experience.

You will have time to marvel at the scenery and then be driven back to the hotel. From there you will have free time to reflect on your experience and time to rest before dinner. Monica will have a scheduled time with you for a private consultation. That night everyone will dine together giving opportunity to share our experiences.

Day Three "“ On Sunday, June 1st, all attendees will gather for breakfast and have a private lecture with Monica. Then attendees will experience another guided tour and further exploration of the Machu Picchu ruins. This will give you an opportunity to explore the vast beauty hidden within the ruins and enjoy the majestic scenery surrounding Machu Picchu. Later that evening, everyone will gather for dinner together to go over experiences and an open session question time with Monica.

On Monday, June 2nd, you will have breakfast and a private lecture with Monica as well as free time to explore the surrounding town of Aguas Calientes . The last of the private consultations with Monica will take place throughout the day.

The morning of Tuesday, June 3rd, guests will have breakfast, check out of the hotel and then head to the train station for the scenic journey back to Cusco. Train to airport transfers are also included. Please plan for flights any time after 4:00PM to allow for drive time.

Includes transportation to and from the Cusco airport, guided tour of Cusco, hotel accommodations and meals, entrance and guided tour of Machu Picchu ruins, a group guided meditation, three private lectures by Monica, and a private consultation with Monica about the spiritual experience witnessed.

Detailed itineraries are available on request.

Airfare to Cusco airport covered by attendee.

If you have questions about this incentive, please email us at: [email redacted]
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