Dreamer Student Robbed at UNCC

Eloi was on his way home after a long night of studying & homework assignments. This is very common in the life of Eloi due to his busy schedule working a full time job, working a part time internship & being a part time student. As he proceeded to his vehicle, he was assaulted and robbed at gunpoint. Unfortunately, the assailants took all of his valuables. Included in those valuables was his laptop, which is his most prized possession. All of his work for the past 6 years was saved on that laptop and now it’s gone within a split second. With his bravery to come forward and take action they were able to apprehend the criminals & put them behind bars. However, he was not able to recover his laptop which is his main priority. His laptop consisted of his most creative artwork for his portfolio, photographs for his photo company and much more. He isn’t worried about the materialistic aspect of it. He is more concerned of all the time and dedication he put into his work, which is completely lost now because of someone else’s selfish actions.


Eloi is the definition of hard work. He is a very devoted, strong minded and self motivated person. He is a man with his priorities in order and we commend him for the devotion he gives his education. He has paid his own way through school and through all adversity he has been able to excel and reach goals that most would not be able to do. We see so much potential in him and we believe he has the determination and intellect to reach success.


Everyone goes through setbacks and this is our way of helping Eloi with this speed bump in the roadway. He may not recover everything lost but this is a start. Any donation makes a huge difference and we greatly appreciate everyone’s efforts and best wishes during these difficult times.
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Karen Solis 
Charlotte, NC