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On September 22, 2021, UIC President, Joseph L. Patterson, led a peaceful demonstration to protect the rights and freedom of all Jamaicans from the tyrannical  Government of Jamaica. The Police Force was singled him out and attested him and three helpless young persons. The outpouring of support from the Jamaican people was immense. But the nightmare is not over for the UIC President who is now being dragged through the courts with multiple costly delays. They vengeful Prime Minister, Andrew Holiness, hiding behind unjust laws, have levied multiple charges against Mr. Patterson which has him attending three different but related court matters in Kingston and Manchester. On top of this a failed internal coup was launched within the UIC movement itself to try an unseat the President.  Those involved in the evil plot are now trying to use court action to take away the movement or destroy it altogether.  
Mr. Joseph L. Patterson and the UIC need your help to defend him and the movement as the Government of Jamaica and others seek to destroy him and our liberation movement. They are really trying to eliminate a political opponent via an unjust and corrupt legal system because they have not been able to counter his solid defense of our rights and freedom as a People.  We, therefore, expect the total costs of defending our President and the movement will run into millions of Jamaican dollars.
The Arrest of The UIC President, Mr. Joseph L. Patterson

The Official Statement Released by the UIC
The police initially attempted to hold Joseph L. Patterson, who was charged under the DRMA and the Public Order ACT, for 2 weeks until his court date. Logically, the Jamaican people, his wife and members of his team were afraid for his safety. The Vice President of the UIC at the time made a statement on the arrest of the President.
The narrative being pushed by the media is that our March on Gordon House was an anti-vaccine protest and was not peaceful; nothing could be further from the truth. The UIC and our allies on September 22nd peacefully protested against mandatory vaccination, lockdowns and curfews. The UIC is not anti-vaccine nor pro-vaccine, we are pro-choice. We believe that individuals must be free to choose and must not have their right to bodily autonomy infringed upon. Informed consent is the key to preventing medical tyranny and this Jamaican government, as with other governments across the world, has ushered in medical tyranny by its forceful removal. 
Medical Tyranny is Taking Root in Jamaica
So today, we ask for the help of the global community in fighting these charges. The Government of Jamaica may be the one putting our freedom fighters on trial, but with your help in winning this case, Jamaicans will get the first and only opportunity possible, to put their own government, on trial.
In the face of increasing pressure by the Jamaican government to force its citizens to take a covid 19 vaccine, the United Independent Congress (UIC), led by Joseph L. Patterson, has spearheaded the ‘My Body My Choice’ campaign. My Body My Choice asserts that every person has a right to bodily autonomy and therefore a right to choose whether or not they want to take a covid 19 vaccine. The government of Jamaica has introduced a policy that children above 12 years may not attend school for face-to-face teaching unless they take two doses of the Pfizer covid vaccine. This is most egregious, to deny our children the right to receive a proper education unless they take the jab. There are also increasing threats made to employees of ‘no jab, no job’, companies like CVM TV and AIC, who are shutting their doors on their unvaccinated employees.

Standing Up For Our Rights
Since 2020 millions of people around the world have been standing up for their human rights in relation to government overreach under their covid 19 response. The UIC seeks to protect the human rights of Jamaicans. We are standing up for Jamaicans' right to freedom of movement, freedom of speech and freedom to choose whether or not they want to take the covid vaccine.
At the Gordon House March held in Kingston on 22 September 2021, citizens sought to peacefully express their views against mandatory vaccinations. Pepper spray was discharged by police into the peaceful crowd and Mr Patterson and three other people were arrested for allegedly breaching the provisions of the Disaster Risk Management Act and the Public Order Act. The draconian provisions of the DRMA Act aim to deprive people of their right to freedom of expression. The Government of Jamaica has gone as for as to use the 1967 Public Order Act to ban protest-style Marches which would allow the Jamaican people to speak up against disproportionate, illogical and unjustified covid measures.

We Need Your Help
Your support to this legal defence fund will help us to
  • provide legal representation for Joseph L Patterson and the three other persons arrested to properly defend themselves against these spurious charges.
  • to cover the costs of fines and bail for freedom fighters who may get caught in the Jamaica Constabulary Force's dragnet as they conduct their illegal search for law-abiding citizens who exercised their freedom of expression on September 22nd
  • to further the UIC's cause of educating Jamaicans on their rights, while defending and protecting the fundamental human rights and freedoms of all Jamaicans
The commercial banks in Jamaica have made it extremely difficult to raise funds for our cause in Jamaica. Therefore we have no choice but to reach out to the international community in an effort to raise funds to defend the freedoms of the Jamaican people. 

We thank you for any donation you are able to make; it will ensure the Jamaican people are provided with quality defence in court, as we stand up for our fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Words from the President of the UIC
Joseph L. Patterson is thankful for the outpouring of support that has been given. Tune in here to listen to his first message given after he was released from the custody of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
The UIC Has a Put Forward a 5 Point Plan to Manage This Pandemic

 Scenes from the Peaceful March on Gordon House

Funds will be withdrawn in Ontario, Canada after which it will be transferred directly to the United Independents' Congress in Jamaica via a direct bank transfer.

Funds will go towards:
1) Lawyer and all associated legal fees for all four charges
2) Challenging the charges in the courts at the various levels  
3) Challenging the constitutionality of the Public Order Act and the Disaster Risk Management Act. 
4) Public Education and activities surrounding the challenging of the Public Order Act, the Disaster Risk Management Act as well as how to protect one's natural born fundamental human rights and freedoms


UIC Jamaica
Barrie, ON
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