Love and Prayers for Mom

~For when the storm has come upon them, we must be their light. We must send them strength, support, hope, prayers, and love. 

   On Sunday November 15th 2015, heartbreaking news came upon the Vang family as their mom was rushed to the ER.  Niam Zang Teng yau had a Brain Aneurysm and had fainted at home that morning. She was rushed by ambulance to the ER and soon afterwards went into surgery to try and help lower the pressure/swelling in her brain. She not only had one Aneurysm but multiple during her short time in the ER. She currently is fighting for her life and is in need of a lot prayers and love. 
  Who is Niam Zang Teng yau you might ask? She is the wife of Zang Teng Vang, mother of Kenny (Tswv Koob Pheej), Cheng (CeebFwm), Joey (NtsumYeeb), Pakou, Lamee, Melissa, Ericka, Victoria, and Annabelle.  Their daughter in law, May (Kenny’s wife) is my sister. The Vang family is very dear and close to me so that’s why I’m starting this page for them. 
   For anyone who knows Niam Zang Teng yau (Mai Chee Yang-Vang) knows how big of heart she has. She enters a room with her smile and entertains all with her stories. She will stand in the kitchen for hours preparing her delectable dishes as her speciality is cooking. Because her husband is paralyzed from a stroke years ago, she’s learned to adjust her life, in order to get her husband the best care that he needs. While caring for her husband, she’s also a great mother to her kids and a wonderful grandmother her grandchildren. She not only is a mother to her own but to many others out there as well. She’s been like a mom to me for as long as I’ve known her. I’ve always called her mom as I love her as one.  It saddens me to see her in that hospital bed, unable to tell me her stories or to ask me what dishes should we cook for the next event. To GOD, to the heavens, to the angels please please help heal our mom. We still need her here with us. 
   Her children are all taking turns to be with her in the hospital while caring for their father and their own little family. Everyone has been in and out of work and the last two weeks have been very difficult for the whole family. Since the holidays are just around the corner, I’m asking for donations, words of support, prayers, and lots love for Niam Zang Teng yau and the Vang family. This year’s holiday season will be a difficult one for the Vang family so I’m hoping that whoever is reading this will find it in their heart to give a little and shed a little light to this wonderful family during this very tough time. Funds will be given to the Vang family to help pay medical bills and any other expenses incurred while mom is in the hospital.

I thank you for your prayers, your words of love and support, and your donations.


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