Youth Development Project

​Chigos-Solution is a Methodological Research, documented,  experienced and ongoing  Research project dating back from  over a period of 35 years.

Project Introduction,
Chigos International and Consulting Group powered by Chigossolution - United NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) is asking for donations for an IT school development projects in Africa and in particular in Nigeria first.

Chigos-Solution is a methodological research, documented,  and experienced ongoing  research project dating back  over a period of 35 years.

One important dream is to open a a technical school focusing on information technology as mentioned above.

Chigos-Solutions already has a proposed project plan, a feasibility study, and a foundation plan.  Chigos-Solutions also already has IT equipment, computers and other materials need to START-UP the project.

The money raised will be for the construction of a building to house students and the equipment, for the startup salary for the staff, for utilities, etc.  This is outlined in the foundation plan.

The school will not only focus on IT education, but on Youth development overall, including a Football Academy that teaches the concept of teamwork and which could also identify students who are exceptional footballers, while still teaching IT skills.

The hope is that such a school would provide the students with the skills and knowledge that are needed to build large-scale, indigenous, and successful businesses and industry in Africa and Nigeria using indigenous raw material and human resources.

Our ongoing Youth projects are  basically  directed  toward  developing and helping  Youth worldwide by using  Chigos-Solution's method based upon 35 years of research.

In empowering  world Youth the most  important  part of the project  is to ensure that after participation  the Youth are helped  to go back to their various  native countries and  apply the  acquired  knowledge  back home and also to achieve their dreams  in their various indigenous Countries .

​Short project visa :
And any qualified applicant or Promoters  of   CHIGOS-SOLUTION Project, As  Founder and Organizer, we will be in the position help he/she to obtain the Short project Visa, as to enable us advance the project worldwide.

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