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In an instant, Calin's beautiful life was shaken literally. Imagine having to take every breath and every moment just to provide for each day's medical treatments while holding tight to the intense determination to care for your injured child. It is not easy holding your head above water and surviving such an experience.

In a world where justice doesn't always show itself, it is crucial that we take each opportunity to offer HOPE. This is where you can be a change-agent. Please join us in offering help financially. With each and every gift, we show that we care for Calin and his family and that they don't have to face this difficult journey alone.

Calin's Story:


Calin Reed Samora was born at 6:05 am on July 6th, 2013, a healthy 7.0 lbs and 19” long. He was a perfect, beautiful, bouncy baby boy with blue eyes and light blond hair. During his first three months of life, he developed and grew on schedule with no issues or medical problems.


All that changed on October 4th, 2013, the worst day of my life. I had just started back to work on October 1st and had hired a caregiver to watch Calin and his 21-month-old sister, while I worked from home.


On that Friday at around 12:35 pm, I was in a conference call when the caregiver knocked on my door saying there was an emergency. I threw the phone down and ran out to find my son totally limp and gasping for air. I grabbed the phone to call 911 and waited for the paramedics.


Once the paramedics got there they gave him oxygen and he began to cry. I jumped in the ambulance and we raced to the hospital where numerous nurses and doctors began to work on him. The news was horrifying. Calin had an 8mm subdural hematoma on his brain.


Police were called because injuries like Calin's do not just happen. We questioned the caregiver, who at first claimed that my 21-month-old daughter had done something to the baby. Her story changed several times last claiming to "dropping and shaking" Calin. We may never know the full truth.


He started having severe seizures and had to spend three days in a medical-induced coma, followed by two weeks in PICU. He has permanent brain damage caused by lack of oxygen from the trauma. He was completely blind for about six weeks after the trauma; and his vision has been permanently affected. His left side was weakened as a result of the damage to the right side of his brain. He is on medications for seizures and receives physical therapy, occupational therapy, child development therapy, and vision therapy every week. The brain tissue that was damaged has turned into liquid cysts and may require surgery in the future. The neurologist cannot give us any indication of his future abilities or limitations, including his physical and mental capacities. All the doctors will say is "wait and see."


Well, I am not one to "wait and see." I started doing my own research and found an expert in New Orleans, who is using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to help people with all types of brain injuries. This treatment is not covered by insurance and one round of treatment cost about fifteen thousand dollars, including transportation, lodging, and airfare.


He has started one round of treatment but many more are needed for the most improvement. We are excited to report just after 3 treatments we have seen improvement in Calin’s use of his left hand. We are hoping and praying that the HBOT will improve his vision, which was badly damaged by the trauma. We are very fortunate and blessed that our son survived this attack and just want to give him the best possible future we can.

 Since he was in New Orleans a little over a year ago he has started to sit up on his own. We are still trying to get the siezures under control Doctors just keep changing his meds from one to another. We are looking into other resources out there for his condition. 

Please help provide the best future for our son Calin by donating, so we may continue his treatments! Thank you and God Bless!!
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