My golf career

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Who am I?

My name is Jay Dixon and I am a amature golfer living in Charlotte NC.  Along with Mountain Golf Tour, Swing Thoughts Tour, and Carolinas Golf tour I will also be trying to qualify for  both PGA and Tour events.  All of these tournaments will give me the experience needed to reach my long term goal of being a full time member of the PGA Tour.

If you haven’t already please check out my official website or my blog

My sites will keep you informed of all the ups and downs of the life of a professional golfer. Check back often as I will be frequently blogging about my experiences on tour.

The big Why?

My goal is simple; put myself in the best shape possible to play golf, win tournaments, and earn sufficient revenue to make a comfortable living.

I am a highly dedicated and driven athlete and believe a combination of my relentless work ethic and passion for the game will provide me with the necessary edge it takes to become a champion.

The primary objective of any up-and-coming professional golfer is to hone their skills through competitive tournament play. In order to do this it requires immense preparation, dedication and commitment to plan and apply daily practice routines, workout regimes and mental conditioning sessions.

As you can imagine this leaves very little to no time to earn additional income. This is where I believe your support will make the difference. Golf is a full time job, which means I need to be in a position where I can direct 100% of my focus on my game. Financial aid will allow me to concentrate on developing my skills to the highest level without any distractions.

This will lead to an increased focus when practicing and playing therefore maximizing my talent and pushing my game to the ultimate level. With the opportunities that the financial support will provide I have no doubt I will be able to reach and exceed the high expectations I have set for myself.

After 12 years of practice and successful competition play I have total belief that I am now ready to fulfill my full potential on the world stage. This is my dream and given the opportunity I know I can succeed.

To those that know me,  it’s about time to take a step in the right direction.  Throughout high school, I was the captain of Countryside’s golf team, averaging a 3 handicap per 18 holes.  

After high school, I was confused, wasn’t sure what road to take because I know that I had so many roads to choose from:  Golf, being one of them.  

But instead, i decided to leave it behind because my grades weren’t good enough for me to get recruited to play golf on a collegiate team.  

The past 3 years have been a struggle, finding out after one semester of college, my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer.  Because of this I have been helping her fight every step of the way to ensure she is happy, at the same time, also trying to find the passion that would drive me to be the best at whatever I could fall in love with.  Finding that i’m back right where I started, playing golf.


The Big Plan?

I’ve done my research.   I’ve discovered that most of mini-tour golf comes a high price tag.   I’ve read, over the years, there have been incidents where players, like myself, have put in large amounts of money to play golf and the event/tour went under, leaving the player out of money and competition.   I don’t want this to happen to me.   I figure out where I would be willing to put my money and I’ve chosen only trustworthy tours.

These past few months I have been playing better golf than I have ever had, now if I walk on the course and shoot a 75 (+3), on a par 72, I’m not pleased.  I now aim for Even par or better.  Now it’s time to shoot for this big goal that I’ve worked very hard on since I found out about this opportunity,  which includes me telling this story.  During this recent golf spree, I came up with a plan; to play in as many tournaments possible so that I have the best experience in tour play when it comes to qualifying for the PGA in 5 years.

I researched every tournament I felt would give me the best opportunity over the next couple of years to put in position to accomplish my dream.   Like most aspiring professional golfers, I have to start from the bottom.   If you go to my web page you will see where I’ve created a schedule showing the tournaments I plan to play for the next 6 months to get me started.  

These tournaments will get me some attention from sponsors and hopefully bigger Tours so that I may move up in the ladder very soon.  I have a plan A and a plan B.  A being the one I am aiming for, B being the backup plan, depending on how I play in these tournaments. Plan A:  I win at least 2 of these Tournaments and I move on to play in the West Florida 4-Day tournaments at least 6 times in my 2018 season, including me attempting to qualify for the 2018 U.S. Open.  

Plan B:  I stick to the “Swing Thought” pro golf tour to rack up some points and continue improving.  Once I win 2 of these tournaments, go to Plan A, and win a West Florida Tournament, I claim exemptions from the Canadian Tour, which will be my biggest opportunity to move forward to the tour, or “Q-school” which is 1 step beneath the PGA Tour.

getting started

Now to get started I will need some help.  For most of you that know golf, or at least  played it one time with your friends over a scramble, you understand how expensive golf can be.  

I have saved up as much as I can as a young adult working in the hospitality/ restaurant industry, but it just isn’t enough to get me to where I can compete at the level necessary to make the PGA Tour.  

Costs to meet my expenses includes: entry fees, tour memberships, practice rounds, training, food, hotel stay, travel, etc.  I have included a detailed list of expenses for every tournament I plan to play.

The Investment:

This decision is not about me, it’s so much bigger.  

I want to make everyone around me happy before myself.  

I make two promises:

  1) 10% of all my winnings for my entire career will go to Breast Cancer Research Organization to help my mother and anyone else who is fighting the disease.  

  2)  Every investor/person(s) that invests in my dream will have the opportunity to receive all of their investment back, plus 20% for the life of the terms of the investment.  

I have outlined a detailed sponsorship program on my website.

After I make it to the PGA Tour, 1 win will be enough to cover what it takes to help pay back every penny.  I will put my body in the best shape possible, practice 7 out of 7 days a week, rain or shine, to reach my maximum potential.  All this saying, I am asking for your trust, and your commitment, to give me the push in the direction I’ve always wanted to go.

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Jay Dixon 
Charlotte, NC