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"The Texas Enslavement & Torture Case" is based on a true story.

There has been a viscous cover-up of the facts behind a miscarriage of justice in a civil court room in Houston, Texas by the authorities in Texas and the federal government of the United States due to the collusion of many US federal agents in the associated sadistic abuses. The degree of corruption in the true story behind "The Texas Enslavement & Torture Case" has been shockingly pervasive throughout the entire US government. 

This is a true story by a physician about being brutally tortured by psychiatrists and by the American mental health care system in efforts to crush my mental health care reform initiatives. Prior to becoming the target of the same type of brutal mental health care natural rights abuses as I have spent a lifetime working to wipe out I was planning to become a psychiatrist with an interest in focusing on providing humane natural mental health care for patients. I majored in psychology at Dickinson College in historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania where I earned a 4.0 grade point average in my major and graduated with the honors of Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude. And I had scored at the top of my medical school classes at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on my psychiatry exams while also being rated highly in my required clinical work in psychiatry at Jefferson and in an elective in Child Psychiatry at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine.

However, over the course of greater than 20 long years desperately fighting to survive the tyranny of mental health care natural rights abuses in America I have come to realize the American psychiatrists have actually never had an interest in proper mental health care. They have all proven to be diabolically insane sadists who thrive off of the pain, suffering, and financial hardships they intentionally create for people. And the discipline of psychiatry itself has proven to be a filthy, brutal, and corrupt discipline. I made a terrible error at the genesis of my career not starting off in General Practice/Family Medicine with an emphasis on Natural Health Care where the focus is on helping people achieve good health whenever possible, not in destroying their health for large profits as I discovered consistently occurs with the diabolically insane psychiatrists.

I have been struggling for decades to survive a blacklist of my professional interests. Being held down for so long because of psychiatrists has left me with very little Social Security income to expect when I turn 70 yo. It figures that in this scheme those who need the most money get the least and those who don't even need the extra money get the most. The arrogant intransigence of the US federal government, Texas and the other states in dealing with my requests for a review and reversal of this case or at least apologies and a good job back in the mainstream medical profession manifests how committed the US government and American psychiatrists are to sadistic tyranny. I have even offered to compromise some of my anti-psychiatry positions if the psychiatrists themselves would open up my career and allow me to work for reforms from inside the system, but this too has been ignored. And so I have come to realize reforms from within the destructive discipline of psychiatry are impossible and psychiatry should be permanently abolished! 

I watched my dear mother die in emotional torment as she saw a government she never knew could be so cruel torture her own son who worked his entire life to become a physician who works to heal people instead of becoming a barbarian like the sadistic psychiatrists and other sadistic doctors who clearly enjoyed destroying my career and life with "The Texas Enslavement & Torture Case." My memories of my mother trying so hard to help me survive this tyranny will live on with me for the remainder of my life. 

And over the years I have watched with pain as my two children, who are now young adults and who were born in Vietnam, must endure the humiliation and financial hardships associated with a continued cover-up of the truth about this filthy abuse case by sadistic feds, cops and psychiatrists along with other sadists in society inside and outside of the medical profession who support the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death"! 

I would like to make a movie out of this story to share the gruesome truth about "The Texas Enslavement & Torture Case" with the public in order to instill a desire in people to help wipe out such natural rights abuses in the USA and worldwide. 

It’s been over 25 years since I was lured to Texas by professional adversaries who wanted my mental healthcare reform initiatives crushed. I was told there would be a meeting to discuss new career opportunities. I was a young idealistic physician who had just completed my internship and obtained a New York State medical license after passing all three days of the New York State Federation Licensing Exam in one sitting. I was enthusiastic about continuing to move ahead with a career I had studied and worked hard to obtain ever since I was a kid.

Than immediately upon arrival in Houston on an early morning American Airlines flight from my native hometown of Philadelphia I was hit from behind with what appeared to be syringes of knockout drugs by heavily armed Texas agents. I was roughed up and dragged drugged and beaten to a Texas mental hospital concentration camp where I was thrown right into the psychiatric ward instead of being taken to the emergency room for an evaluation which is normal procedure in such instances of alleged mental illness.

This was done because clearly the monsters responsible for this tyranny were afraid the emergency room doctors would have cleared me and released me after a short period of observation and rest. I was shortly thereafter dragged drugged and beaten by an ignorant native South African racist and bigot psychiatrist, Dr Perlman, before a swift fixed kangaroo civil court proceeding. An arrogant bigoted radiologist, Dr Edeken, briefly testified with no jury and no sworn in testimony at this kangaroo case before an ignorant Southern bigot judge, Scanlan. My preparation for my day in court in Texas consisted of beatings, drugging and isolation in the mental hospital concentration camp where I was being held.

My court appointed lawyer, John Whitemire, advised the court to allow me to leave Texas as soon as possible or there would be trouble for Texas for a long time to come from a sham case like this. When I commented this entire matter was a disgrace the judge ordered me into 90 days of outpatient treatment. I thought about leaving Texas anyway when I left the hospital but due to fears the Texans would come kidnap me from outside the state if I didn’t stay for 90 days I got an apartment in town and stayed.

I was literally enslaved by these doctors and drugged into oblivion for the longest 90 days in hell in my life. Ever since than my professional interests and other vital interests have been undermined and blacklisted by the government. I went into shock when I walked into an FBI office once because clearly I wanted something done about this abuse case and an agent simply commented “You had your day in court!” What kind of day in court was that!

All along all independent medical and legal counsel have confirmed that I do not and never suffered from bipolar disorder or any other mental illness for that matter, as alleged in Texas. Yet my entire career and life have been catastrophically destroyed by this case. Furthermore, clearly such horrible abuse would also not be the right thing to do for someone who may actually be suffering from some type of mental illness. And so I have since become a member of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights and I have founded the "Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association" to help fight such abuses and for the abolition of psychiatry!

But believe it or not after decades since this abuse case occurred US agents continue to stalk, badger and torture me daily with satellite driven neuro-weapons. Prior to my growing awareness of what was happening to me with neuro-weapons this was primarily how I was initially brainwashed and than forced into painful and damaging psychiatric treatment. There was a time when the general consensus among the public in dealing with someone reporting on being hit with neuro-weapons would be that the person is a psychotic lunatic. However, with the rapid development of highly sophisticated high tech such as iPhones and Samsung mobile phones more people than ever understand this is all really happening. Sadistic government agents are using the human brain as if it were a mobile phone as reception and transmission centers and dangerously playing around with the emotions, thoughts and actions of innocent targeted people. Independent reports on all of this show up frequently on Facebook and X. Yet these sadistic government agents have also been continuing to disseminate filthy lies about my mental health and character among the public in order to undermine my credibilty in dealing with these matters and in continued retaliation for my continued whistle-blowing activities.

Please help with any donations possible to help me and my children survive with our freedom and dignity intact.

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Harold Mandel
Liverpool, NY

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