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TRIGGER CUT UK Tour 2023 failed due to Brexit

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The Story began in April 2020. TRIGGER CUT, a small post punk noise rock Band from Germany , planned a Tour in the UK-all DiY, all was booked, the Ferry Ticket, the rental Van, the gigs. then Covid broke out and the tour had to be cancelled. The expenses were gone.

So what- TRIGGER CUT planned a new Tour in April 2023. Because of the Brexit they knew that they had to officially prepare for this event. And they did it. They found out that you need a so-called personal letter of invitation from the clubs. They had all these documents from every single venue.
Also an expensive custom document (Carnet), a so called passport for the instruments. Musicians do not need a visa or a work permit, that was the consistend information they found in the web.

Said and done. The rental Van was booked, also the small hotels, the Ferry, english pounds were exchanged. The anticipation was great-finally playing their music in the UK, TRIGGER CUT loves the music scene, especially Ralph, he is connected to England and John Peel since the 80th.
Last Thursday 6.04.2023 they arrived at Calais and were stopped by the UK Border Police.
Their Passports were confiscated and they were kept in a room for verification. A so-called COS document was demanded from all organizers, which the band didn't have and couldn't be found in the short time available. In phone calls the organizers also knew nothing about the need for such a paper. One and half an hour later they were handed over to the French Border police. No chance to get in. That was so so sad and humiliating, they felt like criminals.
The TRIGGER CUT Tour was cancelled !!
They turned back home. The tour and the expenses were lost. What a loss on both sides.

Cultural exchange could not take place.

Could the UK border police have decided differently?
TRIGGER CUT doesn t know until today and there are different opinions about it.

TRIGGER CUT is still stunned that a small, unknown band wasn't allowed to play this short all DiY planned tour. A bummer!

The money is intended to replace the band's entire expenses and losses and to enable a future tour.


Angelika Hoch

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