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My name is Trevor DeHaas. I’m a 31 year old currently on peritoneal dialysis dealing with end-stage renal disease. I only have 10%(10 GFR) function kidney’s left. After battling IgA Nephropathy  for 20 years I’ve finally got the point where I need an altruistic kidney donor to save my life. I set this GoFundMe up for a few reasons:

-Demand: For the people who aren’t able to be my kidney donor but have requested a way to help me out regardless. This would be the next best way. The second best way would be to buy some prints from me. Website coming soon...

-Medical Expenses: The donations from this fundraiser will be used for kidney transplant expenses and on going medical treatments. Just to be clear, I do not currently have a donor lined up for transplant. I’m optimistic that I’ll find a donor within the year, however if you want to wait till I have a donor lined up to donate I will understand. Any of the donations received between now and my transplant will be used solely for medical expenses. Currently that includes weekly blood test, daily dialysis, frequent visits to my nephrologist, and evaluation fees at transplant centers. Even with great insurance my medical debt is wracking up faster than I can pay it off.

-Donor Expenses: While ideally my medical insurance and grant programs would cover most of the cost for the donor that’s not always the case. Legally I can’t pay my donor for their donation however I can reimburse any cost incurred that’s related to transplant. A donor will take around 1 month to recover from surgery. For donors, the reported costs of living donation average an estimated $5,000 but in the rare occurrence have been as high as $20,000. Which means that living donation amounts to more than one month’s salary for most donors. These costs usually relate to travel, lodging, services such as child care or elder care, and lost wages. Many states have developed ways to reimburse at least some of the costs, but these initiatives and grants are not always consistent or reliable. Consequently, donations made through this GoFundMe will be used to make sure my donor doesn’t go through financial hardship for saving my life. 

-My Expenses: While recovering post-transplant I will not be able to work for around 2-3 months if not longer. The donations here will also be used to help my own lost wages after transplant. Since I won’t be able to collect a paycheck being able to afford my rent, car payment, student loans, etc... will be increasingly difficult.

-Ongoing Treatment: Life after receiving a kidney transplant is an on going battle of preventing your body from rejecting the “foreign organ” This requires taking immunosuppressant medication for the rest of my life. These drugs can cost an individual up to $10,000 a year, and the only way to afford them is good medical insurance. For most, that means Medicare, which only pays for the drugs for 36 months post-transplant. Once Medicare coverage for the immunosuppressive drugs expires, patients are faced with skyrocketing costs, and for some, it means choosing between these life-saving drugs and the necessary costs of everyday living, such as paying rent, food and transportation.  

If the donations exceed more than $10,000 they will be used only for future treatment medical cost.

About Me:
I’m a 30 year old currently living in a small surf town on the west coast called Santa Cruz. My roots originate from the east coast, more specifically Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. A small hip town that was born from the ashes of the steel mill industry. I’m an avid adventurer, a content creator, and most proudly a dog dad. I love to be out in nature backpacking, camping, hiking, or paddleboarding. I’m a truth seeker with a curious mind that questions everything.

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