Cerebal Palsy Treatment for Elijah

Alan Rasof (Elijah's Grandpa) and Lauren Goenenwein (Elijah's mom) have opened A Special Needs Trust at Wells Fargo Bank, where all proceeds will be deposited.

Elijah was born at just 24 weeks August 26, 2012.  Spending nearly 11 months in the NICU, Elijah was diagnosed with cerebal palsy.  

After Elijah's countless operations, Elijah can now receive stem cell treatments. 

Although, at nearly 4 years old, Elijah's first round of stem cell treatment incredible improved his condition. Before the last treatment his body didn't have the strength in his torso, now we can carry Elijah and on days he can sit up.  Even though he still doesn't eat on his own, requiring stomach fed tube, he is more responsive.  

We are asking for any donations to help a single mother give her child the best chance for an agressive round of stem cells. Our goal is $50,000 which the proceeds will go to treatment and accomadations for 5 weeks near the doctor's office.

Alan Rasof (Elijah's Grandpa) and Lauren Goenenwein (Elijah's mom) have opened A Special Needs Trust at Wells Fargo Bank, where all proceeds will be deposited. 

Even if you can't donate please forward this link. 


First off, you're doing this on your own, as a single mom, correct?

Yeah, I fell in love and got pregnant with Elijah's father. We are no longer together making this even more difficult as a single mother. 

What exactly happened in the first year.  Tell us, born at how many months?  How many surgeries?  When did he finally get diagnosed with cp?

Elijah was born at exactly 24 weeks he weighed just about 1 lb. at birth and was immediately taking into the Neonatal ICU (NICU) the first few days were filled with doctor after doctor advising me that keeping him alive would pose potential risk of many future ailments. He was diagnosed with IVH GRADE 4 brain bleed on both sides of his brain on his 4th day of life, this later developed into Hydrocephalus, which means Elijah had extensive damage to the white matter of his brain that almost complete destroyed his brain tissue. This in fact is what causes many preemies to later be diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, in the case of Elijah his brain bleed damaged the white matter so much that now at 3 years of age he cannot signal his body to move. All our motor functions are made possible by signals from the brain so in the unfortunate case that our brain obtains damage it is extremely difficult to regain the function that was lost.


His surgery list includes;

PDA Heart Ligation

Insertion of Gastro tube

Necrotizing enterocolitis exploratory

ROP eye surgery (3 separate times)

Placement of VP Shunt on brain

Placement of G-tube


2. When he was finally released, what happened when you brought him home?  What his condition like? How difficult was it for you to take care of him?

When I first brought Elijah home he had a feeding tube called an NG tube that was inserted by nurses in the NICU through his nose, this was just in case he refused to take a bottle I still had the option of using this  tube so he wouldn’t go hungry. it was difficult for me and my family because not only did we have the typical worries anyone has when they bring home a newborn, but we had to watch vigilantly for signs that he might be having seizures/breathing difficulties/ gastro issues… etc. I would have to bring him to his primary doctor and then about 5 other specialist weekly for the first few months so even though we were sleeping at home now, the hospital still felt like a second home for both me and Elijah.

3. When you finally got the first round of stem cell, how did he improve?

The beauty of stem cells is the ability they have in recreating damaged cells, in Elijah’s case we found that with just one treatment of stem cells he could make minor improvements. Elijah was noticeably looser in his finger’s which was amazing because now we could possible get him to learn to grab things which in turn could help make him more independent in the future.

4. How soon do you need this money and how much are you raising?

We are raising $50,000 for an extended treatment round in California.  We need to live there for about 5 weeks while Elijah gets the treatment and goes through physical therapy to activate the muscles.

Elijah has a very short window to do these treatments or he will be considered past the development stage which decreases the effectiveness.  Because he is still developing that is actually a good thing.

Alan Rasof (Elijah's Grandpa) and Lauren Goenenwein (Elijah's mom) have opened A Special Needs Trust at Wells Fargo Bank, where all proceeds will be deposited.
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