Treasure Cay, Bahamas - Hurricane Dorian Relief

We, Michael & Holly Gardner, are currently organizing an immediate effort to provide aide and assistance to the people of Treasure Cay, Abacos, Bahamas, which was the direct landfall for the eye of The CAT5 Hurricane Dorian on Sunday, Sept 1, 2019...  Which has caused complete devastation to the entire Northern Bahamas! 

Treasure Cay is our second home... We have been vacationing there for over 20 years, but now as homeowners, we have spent every summer there for 8 years in a row!  Our boys  have grown up in this beautiful Bahamian community learning life & cultural skills that no college education could ever provide!   With that,  we have gained so many dear friends there, many like family members to us now.... Wilson Delva, Marc Odige, Joe Prichard, Stumpy, Josler Pierre, Russel McIntosh, Rolland “Rolly” Roberts, Seve Pedican, Jacora McIntosh, Maria, Adrian, police officer White, all their families & the list goes on! 
Initial reports & photos of the Abacos, Bahamas, show it looking like a war zone... Like a nuclear bomb went off.  Trees stripped, massive flooding, houses leveled, buildings completely gone, cars upside down, etc.   We now know from the US Coast Guards that arrived shortly after the horror, our beautiful island of Treasure Cay is completely gone, with 95% of its structures are wrecked and unsalvageable!    
The people there & our loved ones mentioned that have endured and survived this horrific tragedy, NOW have no power, no shelter, no fresh water, no food, no fuel, etc.   They have lost everything & They need our immediate help!

We received an SOS satellite phone call from Wilson Delva saying he, Josler & Rolly took cover in our place there until the roof started caving in.  They managed to escape 220mi an hour winds & a 23ft storm surge and make it to the clinic on TCB where they survived the storm.... he said Treasure Cay is gone. Wiped out. He said there are walls at our place, but not much else... he said every home & business is destroyed. He was panicked, shaky and afraid for what he would find when he looked... He stated “everything is gone & we all need help FAST!” 

With your help, Our Mission is to bring these loved ones, their families (& any additional we can help), survival supplies, food, water, medicine, generators, SAT phones, fuel, temporary shelter supplies, etc and to help them evacuate as soon as possible! 

Our plan to complete this mission:
*We will fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida ASAP with as many supplies as possible.  We will charter a helicopter & 3 small planes (as the airport in TCB is currently under water) that can carry close to 800 pounds of supplies each. 
*We have already secured a Charter company in Pompano Beach, Florida that has these aircrafts available to charter. 
* We will set up operations at a hotel near the charter company where Michael will be staying.
* Holly will run all the operations and logistics for our mission from Austin, TX.
*We plan to make multiple round trips back & fourth from Florida to Treasure Cay, Abacos, Bahamas!  (As many as we can afford)
*Michael will personally hand deliver the supplies, satellite phones, etc. to Wilson Delva, Seve Pedican, Josler Pierre & Rolland Roberts and the others there in need.    (These 3 will assist him in getting the supplies into our loved ones & their family’s hands.

*Anyone who needs evacuation (elderly, children, injured first) we will be transporting by helicopter or planes back to Florida or to Nassau to provide them the medical care they need or provide them with a safe shelter including  groceries, a warm bed, hot shower & clean dry clothes.

*For those remaining on Treasure Cay, we will continue to shuttle supplies back and forth and offer “ hands on” assistance, as long as we can afford to! 

*After our Rescue & Relief efforts & the expenses associated are paid for, we will disburse any remaining cash from this campaign   into the hands of to our loved ones listed above. 

*100% of your donations will be used to help these people in need! 

Initial supplies needed appear to be:

Cash - for aircraft fuel, charter & pilot fees, to make the flights back and forth to TCB transporting supplies and evacuating our loved ones out or anyone in critical need!   We will also use the funds to purchase supplies, food, water, medicine, cabs, hotels, additional plane flights, new shelter, etc... and anything else to make this mission possible!

Other Supplies needed:
Fresh Water Systems
Personal Hygiene Products: Toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, paper towels, toilet paper
Feminine products
Baby food
Hand tools
Building materials
Power tools
Chain saws
Water purifiers
Hand tools & supplies like hammers & nails, wood, etc

(More to come on supplies as we get updates from the people in need.  When we get on the ground there, we will be able to assess what else is needed.)

Currently, 9/6/19- our only communication is by random satellite phone availability... So we are waiting on weather to improve, Air Clearance, etc. to be ready to go on the chopper & planes any day now. We are already purchasing supplies! 

We will update & document as much as possible - but at least every few days to keep you in the loop!  

We can’t stress how bad these people NEED your HELP!  Please donate whatever you can. No amount is too small or too big!  

100% of everything DONATED will be directly deposited by GoFundMe into a personal bank Account we set up at Frost Bank in Austin, Texas, specifically for Hurricane Dorian Relief on Treasure Cay!  Holly & Michael Gardner are the signers on the bank account and will be withdrawing the funds to use for the mission stated above & the expenses involved!!!  All receipts and documentation will be kept in relation to this mission.  ie- for survival supplies listed above, plane fuel, charter & pilot fees, additional travel & lodging expenses, evacuation & new shelter/supply expenses, etc for all of those that we can help!  Again, We will be giving any “remaining funds from this campaign”  into the hands of our loved ones mentioned above to use for future shelter and food for their families.

Additionally- Please understand:  99% of our mentioned loved ones’ income, is from tourism, so The Abacos will then need your tourism dollars more than ever, once rebuilt. It is our goal to also help get this incredible place re-built and be beautiful once again, so we are starting with the people of Treasure Cay that we love so dearly! 
We will update that progress over the foreseeable months. 

Treasure Cay & it’s people have brought so much JOY to our family for years... they are so dear to us & we will do whatever it takes to Help Them!  

Thank you in advance for your heartfelt generosity!  We are forever grateful for you giving to those that are trying to survive through this horrific tragedy.

Love, The Gardner Family
Michael, Holly, Hudson & Cullen
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