My name is lea , well my birth name was Ramon, but that was before I decided to make the transition to becoming a transwoman. Unfortunately I’ve come across some pretty hard times in my transition. . I live in San Diego CA. On 1/17/17 I was on my way out, dressed as Lea, When I was was walking to my car when a man ran up to me and hit me right in the face, causing my eyebrow to gush open with a huge gash as he yelled at me to give me his money. He then called me a fag while yelling at me to get in the car and drive him. He continued to beat on me while my friend was trying to help me and call 911 but he stopped her by snatching her phone and started to attack her for trying to help me . He kept beating my face in. So bad that The doctors said there would be an 80 percent chance of losing sight in my eye. The part that hurt the most during this was how long it took for cops to arrive, and the paramedics made me feel unimportant. They treated me like I was some freak. I was so uncomfortable. I got to the hospital and waited for an hour and 45 minutes for a police woman to show up with a camera to make a report. I was confused because they had already cleaned me up and couldn’t see the point of her taking pictures after so long. I was assigned an investigator on my case, whom I called and called but got no information for leads. The building where I was attacked had two cameras in the parking lot. I was the only one in the parking lot, I knew they had good video feed but for some reason the managers never released the footage. At this point I felt helpless and honestly started to lose hope. I proceeded to call news stations to tell them what had happened to me to maybe get some help to find my attacker. When they denied running my story, I completely broke down and for the first time ever, I felt so victimized. It hurt. I couldn’t understand why no one wanted to help me, and then I started to doubt myself. Was making this change into a transwoman going to keep putting my life into danger? And if it is the reason, when it happens again, will no one care to help me find justice? I’m not asking for help with my medical bills but with  other cost that gave me long term damage from the beating. The traumatic experience messed me up mentally but also physically. Along the the damage done to my nose causing breathing problems due to the tissue build up around my nose where he smash it in. I would love my nose to get fixed to help me feel better and not feel like a freak , I have a huge scar on my eye brow and I have a droopy eye. I would just like some help with reconstructive surgery for my face. Not only that, but to bring attention to this crime against me to maybe help find my attacker
I feel like I had no justice served. Like no one cared about me because I am in transition. I just wanted to be treated like a human. I really believe that if it was any other girl, and not a trans, they would’ve tried harder to find who hurt me. It would’ve made the news. But it didn’t, and because of my gender identity.
I’m just hoping my story gets out there and I can help someone else one day so this doesn’t happen to another transgender and that they’ll actually work to find the person that did this. I want justice . 

anything helps, you have no idea how much just sharing will mean to me. Thank you all in advance. 

thank you to everyone who’s shared and donated 

I named my cousin Sonia  as a beneficiary because I don’t have a bank account and it’ll direct deposit to her account since I live with her it’ll be easy for her to withdrawal money and give me the funds  

i’ve updated my story with dates because it came off that this just happened yesterday or last week but like I said it gave me long-term damage and that’s why I made the fundraiser to get my face fixed after time has passed from healing 
i’ve been in contact with a detective and he is aware of everything and has made me feel like he cared 

I understand that this does seem too late todo because the incident happened a while ago. that was not my intention, I wasn’t aware of go fund me I’m not really up-to-date with how this works  
or else I would’ve posted this right when it happened
someone told me about it because I was mentioning how I wanted to get my face fixed from the attack and transition into a woman. That’s exactly how the funds will be used I didn’t expect to get so much that’s why I only put 10 grand to get my nose fixed. I was attacked this really did happen those are me in the pictures I will post information from my doctor of the damage  
I will also post a link if anyone wants a refund because initially it wasn’t worded right 
I hope you guys will still support me in my journey as a trans woman 
if not I completely understand 

also let me give up thanks to Detective Wagner from SDPD for making me feel like someone cares in looking into my case 
if anyone needs my case number I will gladly show them

Thank you all 
Thank you to the LGBT community that has reached out to me 

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