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TRACY TWYMAN -Headstone for Her Gravesite

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Journalist, Researcher, Author, Mother, Wife & Friend

Those of you that knew Tracy or knew her work,  know the importance of her research and how dedicated she was.  Her death was more than a surprise, it was shocking to us all;  to this day little has been concluded. 

Tracy had very little family and the family she did have has been trying to recover on many levels from her sudden death.  She connected with many, affected and influenced many, but few were intimately close to her.  Those that were, are also still recovering while trying to sort out what happened.  There is a lot of information available online about Tracy already so it is not included here. For those that are wondering, there is work being done to make sure her books and research are, and continue to remain, available. 

This campaign is to cover the cost of a head marker for her gravesite, the family does not have the funds and is still trying to adjust financially.  A small group of us offered to collectively pull together the funds through the channels we have using this campaign. Her family is very appreciative, as this campaign will allow for the purchase & installation of a marker with vase and words of sentiment. 

Tracy's work has catalyzed my life in so many varied ways; as I know it has so many others. I also know, even with her passing, that she will continue to have a huge impact for many many years to come.  The sacrifices she made...  her research, interviews, articles & publications, are invaluable.

(Should the amount collected exceed the cost of the campaign amount or the cost of the headstone, the difference will be given to her immediate family.)


Kristie Williams
Portland, OR

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